Campaign results were BFP!

Mommy Lingo was a quick to market campaign designed to educate our audience about the differences between OTC and RX prenatal vitamins. It took on a viral life of its own, delivering big, fat positive results for the brand. While the campaign was unbranded, we were able to raise awareness of the mommy myth that RX prenatal vitamins are not just for at-risk pregnancies but for every expectant mom.


50 Million



Earned Media Placements

Talk About Labor & Delivery

Mommy Lingo labored for four weeks to nurture and educate our audience. Through 50 million impressions, Rinck was able to build lookalike audiences of over 300,000 in key markets for the Vitafol® branded campaign.


4 Minutes

average time on site (Longer than it takes to change a diaper)







Nobody parties like preggo women at a Twitter Party!

Rinck got the online party started with our new mommy influencers and took the party to Twitter to build rapid awareness for the campaign. Over one evening, we earned 37 million impressions from 5100 tweets from 500 contributors. And yes, #MommyLingo was a trending term.


Do you speak ML?

To create optimal engagement with our core audience and a sense of mommy competition, Rinck gamified Mommy Lingo by creating a quiz to test maternal knowledge of terms, tests, and TTCs. The MLQ was a huge success with players spending over 4 minutes on the site and thousands of share quiz results.

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The campaign was an incredible success. I love how it evolved and was excited to be a part of it!

— Alison Castro Director of Marketing, Exeltis, USA

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