How To Sell A Unicorn

Partnering with Teamson Kids, a global manufacturer of children’s on-trend toys, swoon-worthy kitchen sets, and furniture, helped to fulfill Rinck’s dreams of fulfilling unicorn dreams across the land. Work spanned strategy positioning, digital sweepstakes, Content Hub®, influencer marketing, shoppable social and search, digital media, branding, and fully-integrated creative and content campaigns.

Joy. Styled.

Tapping into consumer insights, Rinck learned that parents were shopping beyond price. These shoppers were looking for a stylish piece that would make their child happy, and fit nicely into the aesthetic of their home. A unique variety of on-trend styles were promoted to conquest the competition.


Trigger Marketing

Sweepstakes with a rich offer provides an entry point to trigger consumer interest and drive both search and traffic to build an audience. Collecting first-party data is paramount in today’s marketing landscape especially for those with low brand awareness.



Sweepstakes Entries


Increase in Web Sessions

Build Awareness Through Influencer Audiences

Rinck considers influencers to be media outlets with unique audiences and an authoritative voice of endorsement. Rinck selected twenty-eight national influencers who built and distributed almost 500 unique content assets for the brand within a few short weeks, essentially flooding the market with brand assets that were published on influencer channels and owned-media.



Influencer Posts


Earned Posts

6.2 Million

Potential Reach

We’re selling kids’ toys during Christmas, it doesn’t get better than that!

-- Trina Coccarelli, Commercial Director USA, Teamson

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