Suicide Prevention


Big Feelings, Real Needs

Suicide is the leading cause of violent death in Maine, killing almost seven times as many people each year as homicide between the years 2002-2010. For all ages combined, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention sought the help of Rinck to develop a disruptive awareness campaign that would tackle this growing health concern in Maine. The integrated marketing plan would be focused on the adult male audience, but also needed to appeal to all ages and communicate the options for accessing help and support through the Maine Crisis Line via call, text, and chat features.

Let Us Listen

Rinck developed the “Everyday Survival Guide” campaign which seeks to help reduce stigma around mental health in order to encourage help-seeking by using visual metaphors. These metaphors help to break down big feelings and provide strategies for how to navigate them and seek help.


How Do You Shrink an Elephant?

Feeling depressed? Feeling hopeless? Feeling angry? We worked to answer these questions and more while working to reduce the stigma around mental health struggles and creating awareness around suicide prevention resources available in Maine.


Know the Warning Signs

Once the campaign was created, a website was developed to communicate the visual metaphors, feelings indicators and the appropriate resources or support methods for those in need. The content was laid out visually and continued to reinforce the key messaging – “Know the warning signs. Ask for help. Make a plan. Let us listen. Call the Maine Crisis Line today.”



Clicks-to-Call the Maine Crisis Line


Clicks-to-Text the Maine Crisis Line


Clicks-to-Chat the Maine Crisis Line






Searching For Support

The Paid Search component of the campaign, in addition to driving engagement and actions on site, was able to provide additional information about how this audience is searching and seeking support. We found that 12.7% of all users who clicked on search ads took an action to call, text, or chat. Feelings-based keywords (angry, depressed, sad, etc.) drove the highest volume of searches (62%), while Helpline terms had the most ad clicks (57%).


Crisis in the Time of COVID-19

When COVID-19 started to impact Maine, and shelter in place orders were put into effect, we saw search volume increase by 117%. Overall click-through-rate for Paid Search was 3.11%, or 211% above Google’s benchmark.


The Power of Video

Short animated videos were developed to illustrate the meaning behind each visual metaphor and included strong calls to action depending on placement and device.


1.86 million impressions

442,000 video views

88.01% view rate (120% above industry benchmark)

7 million+ seconds of view watch time OR 82 full days of video watching with an efficient $0.02 cost per view.


3 million impressions

100,000+ video views

7,000 ad clicks

Facebook and Instagram

3 million impressions

12,000 clicks

450,686 video views

80% view rate

In addition to website clicks, Facebook and Instagram generated 1,051 calls directly to the Maine Crisis Line.

Programmatic Display

2.4 million+ impressions

3,517 clicks

1,279 site activities, including clicks to call, chat or text

Users exposed to media were driven to act nearly 30% of the time

Here for Mainers

During the 5-month campaign period, the website had nearly 23,000 visits from 264 different Maine towns out of 432 towns.

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