Smoke Free Pledge

Reducing Secondhand Smoke:
Home is Where Exposure Lives

More than 79,000 Maine children are exposed to secondhand smoke at home. Understanding home is the #1 environment where kids are breathing secondhand smoke, Rinck collaborated with the Maine CDC and MaineHealth to develop a strategy for making homes safe from secondhand smoke which contains over 7,000 chemicals, including hundreds that are toxic and nearly 70 that can cause cancer.

There’s No Safe Level of Exposure

Smoke-Free Home Pledge Program protects children and everyone in the home from involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke where they live. The campaign encouraged Mainers to pledge not to smoke inside the home, not permit others to smoke in the home, and to smoke outside and away from children.

Incentive to Make Changes at Home

A Smoke-Free Pledge Kit was developed as an incentive for those taking the pledge to no longer smoke at home. This FREE kit was mailed to Mainers once they completed the pledge and included informational rack cards, a magnet, stickers, a certificate, coloring pages and more. These materials included local resources, additional education and support to help those who pledged keep smoke out of their homes.



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Meeting Mainers Where They Engage

Rinck developed a targeted media strategy to reach Mainers where they engage online. Using lead generation forms on Facebook, we were able to create an easy and convenient user experience which allowed the audience to complete the pledge directly on the Facebook platform without having to leave the app. In 2020, we saw a spike in completed pledges due to people spending more time at home and on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the course of the campaign, 99.6 percent of all pledges were completed through Facebook.


*Tracked pledges do not include those completed with zip codes outside of the state of Maine.


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