A Truly “Haute” Mustard.

Colman’s has held the title of Go-To-Mustard in the U.K. for nearly 200 years. Their products, however, were not as well-known across the pond. Rinck was hired to let the U.S. in on this fiery-hot, secret sauce creating a cheeky, edgy, and disruptive campaign to introduce a very different flavor profile to a delicate U.S. palate. (Fair warning – this stuff is hot AF)

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Embracing the Hot Mess

To drive brand awareness for Colman’s, we partnered with Hannah Hart, self-professed Hot Mess and bonified mustard lover. Her YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen” has a loyal following of over 2 million subscribers looking for boozy humor, delicious recipes, and crazy flavor profiles. Hart overdelivered with mouthwatering, hot recipes for Colman’s that created mustard-magic and consumer fever.


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You were such a privilege to work with. I love mustard, but most of all I love Colman’s mustard. Thank you for letting me embrace my Hot Messness!

— Hannah Hart

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