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May 11, 2022

You know the feeling when you find a certain thing, person or opportunity perfectly suited to you? Something you have the good fortune to find at just the right time and with just the right fit – as if it were designed to your personal specifications? It’s a feeling of serendipity and it’s the very experience I had stepping into my role as a Shopper Marketing specialist at Rinck. 

When I was first introduced to Rinck over a decade ago, two things drew me in – their specialty in CPG marketing and their leadership in all things digital.

Shopping has been a favorite past-time since I was a kid. My mom always worked in retail and instilled an appreciation of product quality, design and positive consumer experiences with brands and retailers from a young age. She was a visual merchandiser, and with every store we stepped into, she’d make observations and take note of how products were displayed, and stores were laid out. She taught me to always leave a display as (or better than) I had found it – neat, in order, by size and color – so the next person would be able to shop with ease. 

When it came time to choose my own career, I pursued marketing and communications without really knowing where it would lead me. Perhaps I’d become a newscaster or an agency executive, a writer or graphic designer. Wherever it took me, I hoped it would be close to home and my mom so we could keep up with of our shopping adventures. 

I landed at a southern Maine agency right out of college and found my way into media and web marketing early on. Online advertising and web analytics were just starting to emerge, and I trained myself on the job to run paid search campaigns, write SEO and analyze web traffic. While my career has since taken a few twists and turns (this isn’t my first rodeo as a Rinckster!) all roads keep leading me back to media. 

When I was first introduced to Rinck over a decade ago, two things drew me in – their specialty in CPG marketing and their leadership in all things digital. Oh, and their fantastic location right in the middle of my hometown! Brands and retail, digital and social integration – all of my favorite things! In 2017 the agency recognized a growing need to support their CPG clients with dedicated shopper marketing services and developed the role I’m in today as a Digital Media Manager specializing in Shopper Marketing. It was a brand-new position that combined my digital expertise and personal passion for shopping and retail that I had the opportunity to own and grow into. And today I feel very fortunate to be in the place and position that was meant just for me! 

Jess Cote

Associate Media Director

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