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February 16, 2022

When I was a little scrap of a kid, I thought my love of animals meant I should be a vet. But in 6th grade, I saw behind the scenes at a veterinary office and nearly fainted at the prospect of surgery. On the bus ride home, I knew I was no Dr. Dolittle. From that day on, my dream was to be a writer.

I was that kid with no TV and an overactive imagination who wrote stories for fun after school. I fell into the worlds I created, my characters springing to life in my mind. I have always loved words. The first time I read the word “chaos” in a book, I had to know what it meant and how it was pronounced. I love how poetry and good prose can have a unique cadence, a rhythm that gives each sentence vitality and power. Heck, I love the word cadence so much that it’s my daughter’s name.

I took this love of writing and language off to college, where I was an English major for two years before switching to Communications. Armed with my degree, I made my way into public relations at a small agency in Maine. TV shows always have PR folks managing events or celebrities, but what I do, and love, is tell the world through words what makes my clients special. For nearly 15 years, I shared the stories of wonderful clients like Saddleback Maine, Maine boat builders, and the Maine Office of Tourism. I loved meeting with them and spending the day trying to see the world through their eyes.

The best way to promote a brand or company is to believe in it – to cherish what sets it apart from the crowd and become an integral part of the company itself.

My imagination is well suited to Public Relations. Although I don’t create swashbuckling characters anymore, I enjoy stepping into my client’s shoes, learning what they know, loving what they love. The best way to promote a brand or company is to believe in it – to cherish what sets it apart from the crowd and become an integral part of the company itself. The media won’t care about my press release if I don’t care about it.  If it doesn’t tell a story, it won’t capture their imagination either.

My work allows me to share all kinds of stories on behalf of my clients, sometimes through a press release, other times with a tweet. Sidebar: I actually miss the challenge of the 140-character tweets, you really had to think about word choices with so few characters, and 280 feels too easy. It’s like if Wordle gave you 10 tries.

Through public relations, I can be the writer I set out to be on that bus ride all those years ago. It is what brought me to Rinck in 2021. It is fascinating to be a part of a full-service agency after being strictly PR for so long. I am consistently blown away by the agency’s creativity, kindness, and breadth of work. The main focus of my position is public relations on behalf of Rinck itself, and let me tell you, I am ready to tell the world about this agency!

Anna McDermott

Public Relations Manager

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