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Empowering Working Mothers: The Gift of Support

May 9, 2024

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, Rinck wanted to highlight the dedication and resilience of working mothers. There is a good chunk of us who navigate the balancing act of working and raising kiddos. Rinck recognizes that and is committed to fostering an environment that supports and empowers women, making it more than business, but a workplace where mothers thrive. Which is why I, Jillian/copywriter/toddler-mom, asked the fellow mothers of Rinck Advertising to share what matters most to them when it comes to being a working mom. 


What a buzzword, right? For working moms it’s a small bit of sanity in the turbulent waves of motherhood. Sneakers go missing. Lunches get forgotten. Sickness happens… a lot. It’s nice to know there’s flexibility and balance when you’re a working mom and won’t be penalized for trying to be both a professional and a parent. You can be both. As it should be. For Project Manager Extraordinaire, Heather, she told me that means she gets to bring her son to and from the bus stop each day, which has allowed them to have a special routine they both look forward to.  

Mom Mentality:  

For those of us with dependent children, the ridgid nine to five can feel like a punishment. That’s two to three hours in the evenings to make dinner, bathe, and spend time bonding with your child. The guilt is monumental. For those of us with older children, that can mean missing games or performances. More colossal guilt. The milestones never stop, so the guilt keeps pouring in. “Don’t blink! They’re only young once! You only get ten good years with your kids!” – ENOUGH. I promise my heartstrings cannot take one more fear mongering cliché about raising children.  

And let’s not forget, mothers can do a lot, but trying to cram everything into a few hours is mentally taxing. Sanity should not be a luxury. I’ve personally seen multitasking-Art Director, Melissa juggle naptime around meetings and she makes it look easy while her son Tucker just makes it look cute.


When the odds are against you, sometimes you just need to roll with the punches. To set the scene: daycare has been hit with the plague, the in-laws are out of town, and you have a deadline to meet–it’s time for the kids to play co-worker. That is one thing about Rinck that will never get old. The mini Rincksters are always welcome. Not too long ago we had to assemble several wardrobes for a weekend long commercial shoot for a client and the scene above was my reality. My toddler had to join me in the office to help organize (insert panic). But our Account Manager for the shoot, Kathleen simply told me: “great! I’ll bring my kid to watch your kid!” It takes a village and sometimes that village just happens to be your coworkers. That’s Rinck in a nutshell.  

Summer Fridays:  

One of the standout benefits that makes Rinck extra special is Summer Fridays. Do you remember that feeling of summer vacation when you were in school? This is the adult equivalent. It is cherished by all employees, but maybe even more so for the moms. Sarah summed it up for me: 

Summers can be stressful for working parents because unless you have (paid) childcare your kid is going to work with you (yay). I love that Rinck gives us Summer Fridays so we’re able to enjoy extra time as a family and my kids can have the experience of summer activities.” – Sarah, Content Director and Pinterest Mom 

Summer Fridays means you don’t have to take PTO to do something special with your kids. The summers are short, but society will so kindly [rudely?] remind us, so is their childhood. So, pack the beach bag, get ice cream, jump in the pool – Summer Fridays are for making memories! Or sitting in blissful silence with a book because mental health and recharging is also for the moms. Your choice. I’m not billing it. 

I love talking mom-shop with the women I work with every day. It’s a wonderful reminder of the incredible strength and resilience that define “working moms.” It’s also great to know you’re not alone in the trenches. Here’s to being dedicated to our work while navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood, together! Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers of Rinck and beyond. 

Jillian Larue


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