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Celebrating the Moms of Rinck

May 6, 2022

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the amazing, creative, hard-working moms we have at Rinck. Rinck is a Woman Owned Business and those who identify as mothers make up 45% of our team (including Laura Rinck, who has 5 kids!). The advertising world has come such a long way in the last 20-30 years. Not only are we seeing more women in the field, but we’re finding more mothers are able to pursue their career dreams while balancing their home and family lives. Much of this shift comes from a cultural emphasis on creating work-life balance and supporting mothers in the field. Although not every company is able to (or wants to) do this, we’re very lucky that at Rinck there has always been a desire to support moms (and parents).

One of the silver linings of the pandemic was getting extra time to stay at home with my newborn.

The pandemic taught us a lot as a company and a culture. Gone are the days when we questioned someone’s schedule, or their need to be with a sick kid. When March 2020 sent us all home, we were forced to work through the hardships as a team. For me personally, 2020 was an incredibly difficult year as a working mother. In the beginning of lockdown, my husband and I were both working from home with our very active 3-year-old and I was 9 months pregnant. Our team was able to bond on a new level – we created a “Rinck Kids” slack channel to swap ideas for keeping them entertained, we shifted meetings around to accommodate naps and lunch time, we acknowledged and supported when someone needed to be off to take care of their family.

Once I returned to work after my maternity leave, we had to keep our newborn home. For 11 months, we juggled working and caring for the baby. She attended MANY Zoom meetings and calls, and I am so grateful for my team and coworkers who supported me through that challenging time. Despite the hardship, I am so grateful for that extra time I got to spend with my baby. Our first daughter went to daycare at 12 weeks old, and I went back to the office. It’s amazing to me we ever lived that way.

I asked some of the other moms on our team what they remembered from their time working from home with their kids. Here is what they had to say:

“One of the silver linings of the pandemic was getting extra time to stay at home with my newborn. That extra time to be with her really helped us bond and I got to experience so many of her firsts that I might have missed had I had to go back into the office. “ Veronica, Paid Social Media Manager, mom since 2019

“I recently became a mom and coming back to work after maternity leave was so hard. I am lucky to have her be at home with our nanny during the workday. I get to see her occasionally throughout the day and sometimes she will visit me at my desk to write a quick email or say “hello” on Zoom.” – Elizabeth, Project Manager, mom since 2021

“The pandemic shattered any illusions I had about balancing being a mom and working. Before, I could feel secure in knowing that my daughter was at daycare, and I had a dedicated 8 or so hours to focus on work. At the height of the pandemic, when everything was shut down, it was complete survival mode: waking up early to get a few hours of work done, switching gears to mom-mode, relying on A LOT of screen time to get through meetings and calls, signing back on after she was tucked in. I can’t fully express how beneficial it is to work for company that understands that sometimes family has to come first, provides PTO, and flex hours. Thank goodness for flex hours! There are some weeks when it is still a struggle to get it all done, but knowing I have the support of my company and coworkers is invaluable.” Andrea, Project Manager, mom since 2018

“Some days I look forward to having adult interaction, concepting with coworkers, and being creative. Other days I still cry dropping him off because he’s changing so quickly, I feel like I’m constantly missing something new. I am so glad that I can have a flexible work schedule so I can see him as much as possible” – Jillian, Copywriter, mom since 2021

“With being a working mom, it makes the time after hours or on the weekends that much more precious. I’m always wanting to squeeze as much as possible into that time and make the most memories.” – Heather, Director of Project Management, mom since 2018

“Motherhood so often leads to a company clipping a women’s wings. As someone who recently joined Rinck, I could tell from my first day the agency clearly values work-life balance. The Rinck’s strive to improve their employees lives in many ways – one being we’re never made to feel like we have to consistently choose work over family.” Anna, Public Relations Manager, mom since 2010

“When I started at Rinck my girls were 4 months and 2.5 years old. They have literally grown up in the Rinck family—there was a time when every office in the agency had a hand drawn photo from my eldest. Now they are as big as me and constantly steal my clothes, so when I go to dress for a work event all of my collared shirts and suit jackets are missing!” – Kathleen, VP Account Services, mom since 2007

“One of the things I have always loved about being a part of Rinck is the commitment to people and family. Even before the pandemic, this agency had a people-first policy which meant kids were welcome at the agency, team members could take the time they needed to be home with kids when they were sick, or leave early to go coach soccer practices. We would even hold bake sales at Rinck when they were fundraising for one cause or another. My kids were 3 and 5 when I started working at Rinck. They are now 14 and 16. They and my husband are a part of the extended Rinck family. When the pandemic hit, everyone was just as concerned for each other’s families as they were for our teammates. Knowing that every single member of this agency was in it together, accommodating flexible schedules and pitching in when someone needed to put family first was the only way we were able to get through it.” Katie, VP, Public Relations and Influencer Marketing, mom since 2006

“I’m grateful to have a job where I can stay at home with my daughter and have the flexibility to spend more time with her. I couldn’t imagine raising her any other way!” Melissa, Art Director, mom since 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the moms out there, but especially to our Rincksters. Today (and everyday) we celebrate you!

Sarah Bird

Content Director

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