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Stop. Doing. That. Why Traditional Demographics Fail Modern Marketing.

June 3, 2024

If you’re still developing project briefs with only traditional demographics in mind, this blog is for you. Stop. Doing. That. Consumers are so much more than their age bracket, zip code, and household income. Their behavior is nuanced, and fluid based on a variety of factors and then, in one micro-moment of need, their behavior, preferences, and/or perspectives could completely shift. Set it and forget it marketing doesn’t take actual consumers into account.

In Rinck’s experience, one example is marketing pet products to pet parents. From premium supplements to fresh mail-order food, we can look at purchase behavior both in the pet and human categories to infer preference. If we know that our target is more likely to purchase premium or special diet food for themselves, they are also likely to be interested in the same for their pets who they see as part of their family. Likewise, if a consumer is making frequent purchases of premium food, they would likely see the value in adding pet supplements into their pets’ diet to help with overall health through the addition of a daily multivitamin, senior health for aging pets through cardio or bladder support, or condition specific health to help with preventative or chronic joint pain. Additionally, if a consumer includes supplements and vitamins in their own daily routine, the more likely that they will be open to trialing a supplement for their fur baby with a high level of compliance for delivering that supplement to their pet daily or as directed for best results.

Rinck is an insights-driven and data-informed creative agency, and if your current strategic marketing plan isn’t based on both, that should be a huge red flag. When you invite Rinck to work with your brand or organization, we aim to strategically execute a fully integrated approach that delivers meaningful results. The digital and social media space has become vast, precise, and granular. Through behavioral targeting capabilities, we can identify the most qualified audience for your product or service and then use data to find more people like those.

Knowing who we’re talking to, and the key message we’re trying to communicate, is imperative. Once we know more about the audience and understand how and where they’re engaging online, we can develop a dynamic plan to reach them with the least amount of waste and greatest return on your investment. This understanding goes way beyond the stereotypical audience profiles you find online for “Gen Z’s Shopping Habits” or “Media Trends for Almond Moms”.

  • How has this audience behaved in the past? We can leverage our understanding of the audience to determine the types of content, offers, and/or CTAs (Calls to Action) that have been successful in the past. Likewise, we can see what hasn’t worked and optimize using that data to help inform messaging and platform strategies.
  • What new or emerging platforms can be used to reach them? Keeping a pulse on what platforms have worked well with an audience in the past is great for identifying social channels or apps that have become proven performers that we can count on to deliver the intended Key Performance Indicators (KPI). However, we always leave room to include or test out emerging platforms or activations so that we can continue to reach consumers where they are. This could be reaching young adults through gaming platforms like Twitch, or in-app advertising on dating apps to provide public health information and messaging.
  • Are there geographic considerations to be mindful of that could lead to weather-triggered ad placements? We have used weather-triggered ads to promote ice cream on a hot day, behavioral pet supplements to combat pet anxiety during thunderstorms and other weather events, a winter boot campaign triggered by snow or inclement winter weather. Thinking about those relevant micro-moments of need that your consumer may be encountering in real time can really drive results.

Throughout a campaign, we continuously test, learn and optimize to meet or exceed the outlined KPI – from clicks and engagement, to Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Much of our paid digital and social media is managed in-house which provides flexibility to shift funds to high performing creative units or platforms, turn off ads that aren’t performing as well or carve out funds to do a test with an emerging platform or ad unit. Throughout your media campaigns, we’re actively looking to make your working dollars work harder by spending your budget efficiently and effectively.

Starting with insights makes our messaging and targeting stronger. When Rinck went fully remote in 2020, we needed to think outside the in-person focus group for ways to learn about audience behavior firsthand. It was at that time that Rinck became a Suzy agency, which means that we have access to on-demand, real-time consumer insights and feedback on behalf of our existing and prospective clients. By tapping into their qualified, diverse, and engaged database of 1MM+ consumers nationwide, we’re able to provide our clients with actionable insights and valuable 1st party data at record speed.

Rinck has used the platform to gain shopping insights on everything from pet supplements to light bulbs, conducted 1:1 interviews to learn more about the awareness of public health concerns, probed drive-thru behaviors at Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and much more. We’ve utilized both quantitative and qualitative audience surveys to measure interest and effectiveness, often hearing from consumers directly through written or video verbatims.

Whether you’re looking to message test new ad creative, learn more about the grocery shopping habits of parennials (millennial parents), or gauge the interest in a new product across all demographics, we have the power to target and screen your key audiences with a variety of questions in order to garner the insights you need to help move your brand forward. Additionally, we can quickly spool up 1:1 live interviews with your target audience, or work to provide products or resources for in-home trial. This real-time platform is just one tool in our expansive research toolbox, and one more way that we can start and succeed with insights.

Do you want access to understanding and reaching your target consumer better? Drop us a line and let’s get started.

Kristy Phinney

Senior Director of Client Strategy

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