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Path to Purchase Part 6: Everything Leads to Search

December 6, 2019

The prior article described a very different set of rules changing the game: Category Awareness with a Point of View” or CAPOV.

Why is this a thing?

Because now, everything leads to Search.

Consumers no longer trust us, our companies or our messages. If we do a great job, we intercept their “Consumer Journey” long enough for them to become “aware” that something is going on in the category of products or services we are marketing.

But now, they take this journey into their own hands. Typing something into Google, Bing, Amazon, Wal-Mart,, Pinterest, #twitter, or whatever is their preferred place to search. They are going to find out more. And they are going to find out competitors. And they are going to find out what others think.

We have had some interesting discussions at Rinck. Search almost absolutely is analog as well as digital. Our Gen-Z audiences are apparently going back to the mall. Cellphone in hand, of course. Our Millennials love Wal-Mart, but don’t admit it. Shopper Marketing is an extension of search to digital and analog platforms.

These consumer prospects are going to search for real answers. In the last article, I discussed CAPOV (Category Awareness with a Point of View) and used the Bud Light Super Bowl ads as examples. But am I right? Did they drive prospects or even consumers to find out more on their own?

Google searches for Bud Light December 2018 to March 2019

1. Searches for “corn syrup in beer” rose 9,612% (impressive, but not sure how many before the ad aired. So big increase from small numbers? Likely.)

2.Searches for “Bud Light Ingredients rose 777%

3.Searches for competitor ingredients rose 18,33% for Miller Lite and 13,75% for Coors Light.

Three brands that cover a lot of the category. The number 1, 2 and 4 best-selling beers in America.

The real goal of CAPOV is to stimulate something provocative to search. The search will occur anyway, but CAPOV provides the framing for the search.

We are working with a client on a particularly thorny marketing issue. It is an action that people rarely take but might in the near future because of an upcoming event shaping a market. We already know that people don’t search for the thing we want them to do. One of our KPI will be if can drive search to our brand based on the CAPOV we are sending into the market. Will they search?

We will see. Like all advertising, it is a bet. That ROI will be higher than the wager. Bud Light has not seen a corresponding spike in sales. Yet. To make this work, they have to do much, much more. They had the theory, but weren’t ready for the execution.

That’s next.

Peter Rinck

Chief Executive Officer

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