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March 18, 2022

The world of design is constantly changing. As best practices and industry standards evolve, and technology and software are continually updated, creators must adapt and be self-sufficient to stay informed.

Over the past few years, the need to bring visuals to life across advertising campaigns has increased immensely. From TV and YouTube to social media and beyond, there are countless assets that need to be created.

One Rinck client that has received a multitude of these creative assets through many campaigns is the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Rinck has been an instrumental part of public health in Maine, producing campaigns targeted at adult and youth audiences, including tobacco and vaping cessation, alcohol and substance misuse awareness, suicide prevention, infant safe sleep, and more.

A lot of planning goes into each campaign created at Rinck, starting with the message—what is the one thing we’re trying to say?

Rinck’s award-winning Maine CDC campaigns:

2021 PR Daily’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Awards: Multichannel Campaign – Honorable Mention
Maine CDC Suicide Prevention Campaign

 2020 Davey Awards: Social Responsibility for Websites – Gold
Maine CDC Times Have Changed Website 

 2019 Davey Awards: Social Responsibility for Websites – Silver
Maine CDC You are the Target Campaign 

A lot of planning goes into each campaign created at Rinck, starting with the message—what is the one thing we’re trying to say? From there, creators must determine how their concepts will work across various media, in a variety of sizes for both static and animated executions.

Each platform includes different specifications for video ads, from dimensions and file size to time limits and safe text areas. While there are a lot of aspects to consider, the team at Rinck can make it happen with flexible designs that adhere to each set of guidelines.

The heart of Rinck’s work is award-winning, unexpected thinking from the Creators team. We aim to engage, lead, and inspire through great creative. Ready for more?

Melissa Berube

Art Director

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