Pet Naturals

A rare viral sensation that required a full court press to take advantage of. Responding to all messages and tags within the first 72 hours gave us real time responses and the selling frenzy began.



Case Study

Case Study


Everyone wants to go viral, but it takes the right set of circumstances to actually happen. So what happens if you do catch lightning in a bottle, and indeed do go viral? How do you take advantage of such a rapid moment in time?


On December 8, 2023, we were alerted that a consumer video about one of Pet Naturals key calming products, Busy Butter, was going viral on TikTok. Our strategy was to stay on top of the action and be present on the TikTok platform, engaging with audiences in real time.


Responding to every single message and tag within the first 72 hours gave us real time responses and we catered our own content to support it. Using humor to reply to consumers with video allowed for repurposing the content as ads.


The product was sold out with several online retailers. Engagement was excellent with 341K TikTok video views, 38K profile views, 4K+ new followers, 23.7M views on the original video, 38K comments and website traffic up 519%.