National Council of State Housing Agencies 50th Conference Anniversary

Rinck developed meaningful pieces to celebrate the NCSHA’s 50th Conference Anniversary. This included a 50th Anniversary logo, website, video, and commemorative book. These items were used to celebrate the anniversary and showcased at the annual conference.



Case Study

Case Study


The NCSHA 50th Conference Anniversary was bringing together the best housing finance agencies in the country. But how do you succinctly showcase 50 years of hard work keeping people safe in affordable homes?


Leaning into the themes of collaboration, innovation and impact, create meaningful pieces for stakeholders that give a clear understanding of the organizations and the well-being they collectively provide.


These pieces include a testimonials video, microsite and digital history book where each state had their own page - with results & milestones over the years.


Rinck established the overall look and feel of the annual conference. In addition to the development of the campaign pieces, our team proudly presented on the digital media landscape during the conference.