Maine Suicide Prevention

We set out to develop a strong and supportive messaging campaign that would resonate with Maine’s youth. Reaching out to this demographic through the social platforms they are interacting with to reduce the stigma around mental health.


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Case Study

Case Study


Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 15-24 in Maine. For every suicide death, there are over 100 attempts. Nationally, 1 out of 15 high school students have attempted suicide.


Work to reduce stigma around mental health by providing supportive messaging to build resilience in Maine’s youth and ensure that message is showing up on the channels Maine’s youth are interacting with.


Rinck developed Filter Out the Noise, a conceptual public awareness campaign for youth suicide prevention, promoting help-seeking to reduce the suicide rate in Maine.


28M impressions, 11M video views, 136K ad clicks, 44Kclicks-to-call/chat/text the Maine Crisis Line and 99% of total conversions were through Snapchat.