An event to create some buzz around the exclusive blueberry flavor platform headlined by the Blueberry Cold Brew. The Mix-Off event created engagement and excitement with younger demographics.

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Case Study

Case Study


In order to bring in a younger audience, Dunkin’ of Maine created an exclusive blueberry flavor platform. It included blueberry flavored cold brew, espresso, refreshers and the limited-time blueberry cobbler donut.


Develop an event intended to drive awareness of the Blueberry Cold Brew that created engagement and excitement with younger demographics.


Rinck planned and executed an exclusive, fun and Instagram-able event where local mixologists showed off their skills to create the best cocktail featuring Dunkin’ Blueberry Flavored Cold Brew.


The event hosted 60 Mix-Off Event Attendees and garnered 135 posts from endorsers, influencers, partners and event attendees. With a potential reach of 4.8M, videos were viewed 393K times and there were 221K Instagram story impressions.