Brand Touch

Brand Touch® marketing is a way of recognizing and dialoguing with a critical subset of influential consumers and strategically harnessing their influence for your brand.

Blog Beat

Blog Beat is a digital word of mouth marketing program that taps into Rinck's network of over 1,700 influential bloggers throughout the U.S. and Canada who are ready to endorse and promote your brand to followers.


Listening is Rinck’s proprietary tool that monitors more than 65 million online sources to track real-time conversations, reviews and positive/negative sentiment for clients, their brands, competitors and industry.


Rinck is a full service marketing agency specializing in the strategic integration of market research and listening, advertising, digital, promotion and public relations. But what we do is a little less important than how we go about doing it.


Rinck assumes our clients are very smart. (And we have never been wrong about that.) We demand a partnership with our clients. It's our only demand.

Our job is to listen. More than that, it is to hear you. You can be confident that your input, expertise and opinions will be heard and reflected in the work that we produce together.


We also assume the consumer is very smart. (We have a 100% success rate at that, too.) Our response to your marketing needs will reflect an honest and ingenious approach that puts your consumer at the center.

By offering a remarkable range of services, Rinck is able to take an unbiased approach to the tactical mix that will most effectively carry your message to your consumer. From branding strategy, television, radio, print ads, public relations, BlogBeat™, interactive, direct marketing, promotions, media strategy, planning and buying and Brand Touch® event marketing, the talent at Rinck is fully equipped to respond to your needs.


Brand Touch® is the way we frame the discussion and create campaigns. Consumers want to know more and some consumers want to know a lot more. Brand Touch gives us the tools to have that discussion with the goal of a desirable outcome... a sale, a convert, a lifetime customer.  We work in a way that supports your brand. And we know how to deliver on time and on budget with measurable results and ROI.  Take a look around. If you like what you see, we'd like to hear from you.