So, you’ve come to get a peek at the people of Rinck? Spoiler alert: you won’t be disappointed. We’re an entertaining bunch with a lot to offer, but take a look for yourself and get to know us.

PETER RINCK – Chief Executive Officer

Specialty: Sharing insight through collaboration. Peter consumes conversation and then comes back with answers, strategy, and/or a quip. He started as a copywriter, then a creative director and one day, at the kitchen table, Peter decided to start Rinck. Only a few people have called him crazy. He loves to get to know everyone, learn musical instruments and travel the world. Claims he’s only invited to pitches to drive us there.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to laugh the loudest

LAURA RINCK – President

Specialty: Inspiring the hell out of you. Whether you’re a client or an employee, Laura has a certain something that makes you feel motivated. Want to light a fire under your ass? Say hi to Laura. She also believes in gut instincts so, if your indecisive self needs help deciding anything she’s always willing to help. Those instincts have resulted in awards, new client relationships and killer outfits.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to adopt a dog without telling her husband

AMANDA FROST – Senior Account Planner

Specialty: Making money go further. Amanda gets a rush when working with million dollar accounts – who wouldn’t right? But she makes every penny matter. As an Account Planner, she is also a people person and knows somebody who knows somebody for every situation. Amanda has a heart of gold and keeps the local restaurants afloat with the amount she goes out to lunch.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to need a lint roller

ANDREA LABONTE – Project Manager

Specialty: An organization machine. Andrea keeps client campaigns and budgets on track while making the client and the Rinck team happy. Such a people pleaser. Andrea has the brain power we all wish we had during the week and physical power of a mountain goat over the weekend… and by that we mean she’s an avid hiker.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to survive without technology

BROCK NAYLOR – Project Manager

Specialty: Rolling with the punches. Brock handles stress with grace and aims to keep the process in focus. We’d say 97% of the time he does this without crying. He makes you feel at ease and confident in your role with projects big or small – he claims it’s because he internalizes his stress, so he’s basically a dumpster fire waiting to catch.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to tell a dad joke (not yet a dad)

CATHY BREZINSKI – Traffic Coordinator

Specialty: Bringing people & departments together. Cathy strives to make sure all departments are aware of what other teams are working on and that goals and deadlines are set. We like to think she maintains the light at the end of the project tunnel. In her spare time, she doesn’t do groceries.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to empty the candy dish

CHRIS ABBRUZZESE – Director of Client Service

Specialty: Taking things to the extreme. It’s not unheard of to have a conversation with Chris and leave thinking “that escalated quickly.” He can take a simple nugget of a concept and fully blow it out to a beautiful, exciting idea. If you don’t believe us, just ask him about his cows and brick oven pizza truck.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to make good out of a bad situation

DOUG MORIN – Director of Web Development

Specialty: Architecture… of the website variety. Doug builds websites from the ground up starting with a solid foundation revolving around logic and user functionality. He never says no, which makes him very popular with Account Planners and very unpopular with his sleep deprivation. If he doesn’t have enough caffeine he starts speaking in meme.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to have his own personal pot of coffee

ELIZABETH RINTZ – Project Manager

Specialty: Scheduling the impossible. If it weren’t for Ed, we would never see some of our Account team. Some say it’s bribery – we’ll never know. Elizabeth can schedule circles around all of us which is great because her partner is Nikki who tries to be in eight places at once. It’s worth it though. She helps other departments to make sure everyone has the most helpful briefs.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to awkwardly trip and act cool

EMILY COSTA – Content Producer

Specialty: Turning social media into a tool. When Emily scrolls, she scrolls with purpose! She wants to know what the new big thing is and she wants to execute it before you do. Her favorite game is to create a social-strategy that consumers will interact with, but will have no idea that’s what she wants them to do. Sneaky, sneaky.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to hold a poker face

HEATHER CYR – Project Manager

Specialty: Knowing what you need before you need it. No, Heather isn’t a mind-reader, she is just so on top of things it seems that way. Her attention to detail and organization always leads to painless projects and picturesque timelines. Mention Heather to any department and you will get a full fan-girl response, even from the fully-bearded men.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be worshiped by her coworkers


Specialty: All things animated. From national commercials to animated digital ads, Jake has a knack for images in motion. Even though a camera is typically not in his hands, he directs to get the shots needed and then bridges the gap between creative and client brains. Thanks for translating.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to win concert tickets on the radio

JAMES KUHNERT – Creative Director

Specialty: Wearing many hats (physically & figuratively). James makes hats look cool but he makes our creative concepts a whole lot cooler. James, seller of dreams, has a knack for finding a needle in one hell of a haystack. He can sort through whatever mess he is given and find a solution that is just as beautiful as it is smart. He is proud of his dad-van and identifies as a douche bag (don’t worry, he’s not).

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to insult himself

JARETT SCHADLICH – Front End Web Developer

Specialty: Making clicks make sense. Jarett loves to make websites function properly (weird, right?), but his favorite part is nitpicking his own product when he’s done. He’s quick on his feet when a glitch occurs and he stays nimble/sane via snowboarding and skateboarding.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to respond with an 😐

JESS COTE – Digital Media Manager

Specialty: Solving problems with a smile. Jess is the queen of shopper marketing with a business-centered eye. But, we really love Jess because she is team player through and through. Even when a problem isn’t her problem, she will go above and beyond to find a solution for everyone. She is also a serial winker ;)

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to brighten your day


Specialty: Telling a story. Jillian likes knowing all the details (or making up details when they aren’t specified) and writing the story of a brand. In her mind, the story is the emotional hook to go with the strategy. She likes to tell stories of her own to keep a friendly vibe and aspires to know all the cats.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be nonfunctional without a second breakfast

JULIE ZIVIC – Project Manager

Specialty: Finding a better way to get things done. Mediocre is not in Julie’s vocabulary. When projects are coming down the line, she finds the most efficient way to knock them out and on budget. And if things aren’t challenging enough, she gets antsy and resorts to a puzzle to get her brain turning.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be excited for [another] snow storm

KARLY ERETZIAN – Vice President of Creative Services

Specialty: Creative coaching. If there was a team captain of Rinck, it would be Karly. She loves to bring out the best in people and sometimes she’ll challenge you to get there. There’s a competitive edge to Karly that stems from decades of ski racing, and she applies that to her creative team and the rest of the agency. She’s not a fan of losing.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to start a dance party

KAT PEREZ – Project Manager

Specialty: Steal trap for details. No daydreaming for Kat – she remembers everything mentioned in meetings and client calls. Kat takes these conversations and details and turns them into spreadsheets. Sometimes you’ll have a conversation with her over coffee and you’ll get a spreadsheet of that conversation later that day leaving you to wonder “What do I do with this?”

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to laugh through the pain

KATHLEEN de SILVA – Senior Account Planner

Specialty: Eating and breathing (not sleeping, because she doesn’t sleep) all things Rinck. Kath loves seeing our work come to life and she is [over] involved every step of the way. The introverts love her because she is extroverted enough for the whole agency. Lives by the phrase “never assume anything” and is the only person who enjoys working out at lunch.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to hear her before you see her

KATIE GREENLAW – Director of Public Relations

Specialty: Influencer hunting. Any client, any campaign, Katie can find the perfect person (or pet) to serve as an influencer that fits flawlessly with the brand. Press releases and crisis responses are also her thing, but we’re pretty sure she does those in her sleep at this point.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to handle a crisis from her kids’ soccer/softball/baseball field

KELLY LUNNIE – Graphic Designer

Specialty: Jumping with both feet. Kelly isn’t actually some weird designer hopping around… she is just extremely enthusiastic. Whenever a project gets thrown her way, she never complains or stalls. She jumps right into the work with a smile on her face. Kelly has a salt lamp she claims gives her good vibes. We’re buying 100.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be up for anything

KEVIN GOVE – Public Relations Manager

Specialty: Never losing his cool. If you’ve heard PR is stressful, it’s because KG has never been on their team. Kevin maintains a cool-as-a-cucumber disposition almost always. He has been given the title of “Media Whisperer” because he uncovers “news nuggets” that help clients get national media coverage. He has some killer one-liners but remains too humble for his own good.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to earn any client a media placement.

KRISTEL WAGNER – Human Resources Manager

Specialty: Creating a comfortable atmosphere. When you’re in a proofreading pinch or need a free psychiatrist, Kristel is just the person to help you out. Whenever you may need someone to talk to or an extra hand/set of eyes, she always makes time which usually results saving your assets. We are not worthy.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to take care of you like her own

KRISTY PHINNEY – Digital Project Manager

Specialty: Always being a round peg. Kristy has held a title in just about every department at Rinck and she has never run into a square-peg-round-hole situation. She can do anything and it will seem like a perfect fit for her. Gluten tries to bring her down but she stashes Benadryl in case a donut needs eating.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to make a situation punny

LAUREN MAVIAN – Graphic Designer

Specialty: Having a vision. Lauren has a photographer’s eye with the designer skills to back it up. She jumps behind a camera every now and then and Lauren can design creative that’s like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else. If she has a spare moment she enjoys playing practical jokes and making memes.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to Photoshop a cat in your presentation

LISA ARDIA – Web Marketing Manager

Specialty: Finding raw, hot data across multiple platforms. Lisa obsesses over analyzing digital metrics to find out what’s working and what’s getting clicks. She has no problem telling you when something is not working, but she always has an out-of-the-box idea of what will. Once referred to herself as a fan-girl of anything Google.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to geek out over Star Wars

MARIAH RINCK – Social Media Buyer

Specialty: Collaborating across departments. Mariah likes to keep in touch with just about everyone because she’s constantly uncovering new ideas for media placements. She doesn’t want anyone out of the loop which we can all agree is a great quality. Another great quality Mariah has is she will eat all the candy so you don’t have to.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to say yes without knowing the question

MARYBELLE BOSLEY – Associate Creative Director

Specialty: Pondering, then producing. Marybelle may be the most structured creative person you’ll ever meet. She has methods to her madness and those methods produce strategic, fluent creative. Speaking of fluent, she hails from France and has some crazy, cultural influences up her fancy sleeves.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to communicate entirely in metaphors

MELISSA BERUBE – Graphic Designer

Specialty: Artistic ability. Melissa’s got skills, man. Not only does she design some incredible creative, but she is also a stand-out artist. Take one look at her work and you can tell she has an appreciation for art in her designs. Melissa has two horses that match her two dogs and that’s pretty pleasing to the eye, as well.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to run away to the rodeo

NATE PERKINS – IT Systems Administrator

Specialty: Keeping people chill. Not only does Nate have a cool, composed vibe to him, but he also solves all computer issues. One would assume in this day and age technology wouldn’t do us wrong, but sometimes things take a turn for the “tech-worst” – enter Nate. Problem solved. He enjoys closing a bunch of browser tabs after fixing a tough issue and cat gifs.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be a “Nate” in shining armor [for your computer]

NIKKI JARVAIS – Senior Account Planner

Specialty: Doing eight things at once. Nikki likes to make things interesting by doing it all. She provides a certain quirk which makes you think, “Oh, she’s not a regular Account Planner, she’s a cool Account Planner!” More importantly, Nikki works with clients where she can truly make a difference.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to get in a sketchy van that says, “free candy”

NIKI CLARK – Financial Manager

Specialty: Thinking in dollars. Niki keeps invoices in order and makes sure all the monies are in the right places – dolla-dolla bills y’all! She has a good handle on it too, because Niki has been counting money since she was three with her dad (setting her up for success, we like that). Truly believes the beach is a form of medicine.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to never need a calculator

ROB MONTGOMERY – Media Billing Coordinator

Specialty: A loving relationship with numbers. Yup, he’s one of “those” people. Rob enjoys invoices. Contracts. Terms and conditions!? It’s almost madness, but then you meet him and realize he is a normal outdoorsman who just happens to be a killer photographer. It’s called balance.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to make you feel calm about numbers

SARAH BIRD – Content Director

Specialty: Turning trends into strategy. Call Sarah a social-stalker, but it’s all for the good of her department. She has a need-to-know mindset when it comes to what’s new across all social platforms. Sarah is the perfect person to make you feel instantly old and out of touch with what’s popular… in the nicest way possible.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be told to put a quarter in the swear jar

JACQUI HOLIDAY - Content Producer

Specialty: Predicting social trends. Our dear Jacqui isn’t a psychic (or is she?), but she is savvy in social media tendencies and knows what is going to put brands at the front of the trend-pack. She puts in the hours by researching and brainstorming all things up-and-coming. Jacqui refuses to buy things she can make herself proving she is stubborn and an excellent DIY-er.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to fall while texting

SUE SCHENNING – Graphic Designer

Specialty: Handling emergency assignments like a trauma surgeon. Reassuring, right? Sue is basically a doctor for design which is helpful when we have a 911-client call. Even when under high-stress timelines, she produces brilliant creative with a smile on her face. When she’s not tending to “patients,” Sue cycles around for fun.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to travel the world

TONY BIRD – Account Manager

Specialty: Throwing himself completely into a project. Tony’s dedication to his clients and their projects creates a trusting relationship from the very beginning. When Tony is on a project, we know he will be the first one to make a phone call, send a text, then Slack and email you (at the same time). Known for his extremely loud speaking voice and his bold sock choices.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to be liked

VERONICA DUBOIS – Social Media Buyer

Specialty: Social media magic. Promoting, targeting, creating – you name it, Veronica does it. Since she is constantly curious, Veronica stays on top of random trends and user habits to target her ads like a champ. Her personal social-drug of choice? YouTube. She loves cooking, vloggers and, with her skills, could be one herself.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to make a pie chart and an actual pie on the same day

VICKY AYER – Traditional Media Buyer

Specialty: Buying the airtime everyone wants. Vicky makes traditional media stand out in a world with a lot of noise. For decades, she has been charming TV/radio stations with something she calls the “velvet hammer.” What that means is she likes to get what she wants, but she’s so sweet about it you don’t know you’re getting hit. She’s DOIN’!

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to keep the office plants alive

HUCKLEBERRY RINCK – Chief Morale Officer

Specialty: Being the goodest boy. Huck knows exactly when you need a pick-me-up and will run over with his wooftasic smile until you’re cheered up. He makes all employees and guests his frens. Enjoys head pats, getting stuck on the wrong floor and ignoring your personal space.

Rinck Superlative: Most likely to sleep on the job


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