Our Favorite Ads-That-Run-During-A-Certain-Football-Game

Our Favorite Ads-That-Run-During-A-Certain-Football-Game

It’s almost here folks. The Oscars of Advertising. The Big Game That Shall Not Be Named.  (We can’t say it. Because, copyright infringement.) For those of us in marketing and advertising, it’s so much more than a football game and snacks. It’s when we get to see the crème de la crème of commercials. It’s like going to Cannes but on our couch – with beer cheese.  

As we prepare for one of our favorite days of the year, we asked our team to reflect on their favorite ads of all time. We hope you enjoy this curated collection of advertising geniuses.  

Peter Rinck, CEO 

Master Lock 

“Big Game Day” spots are known for their crazy, funny, disruptive nature. The entire idea is based on getting noticed. This spot had none of that. Master Lock ran SAME ad for almost 30 years, beginning in 1974. They ran one TV spot per year, and only one — during the game. Sales went from $35M to +$200M. It’s 2022 now. Quick: name another brand of locks. 

Sarah Bird, Content Director 

E-Trade Babies 

Even after all these years the E-Trade baby spots still makes me laugh so hard. The one with the dog especially just kills me. What I love about this era of commercials was how quotable and iconic they were. I am delighted to find out that the baby is coming back this year!!! 

Anna McDermott, Public Relations Manager 

Old Spice  

Bwa hah hah! I love anything that is ridiculous, and this Old Spice ad fits the bill. You know it’s a great ad when you want to watch it again and again. “I’m on a horse.” 

Amanda Frost, Senior Account Manager 


This one gets me every time.  It tugs at the heartstrings and showcases the power of imagination. 

Tony Bird, Senior Account Manager  


Every time I get on a call, I have to resist the urge to yell “wasssuuuuppppp” which is why I love this commercial. It sticks with you, even after 23 years.  

Jake McGillivary, Sr. Art Director 


Unexpected and clever use of a household name who we all thought would outlive the Queen. RIP Betty. 

Adrian Bouthot, Project Manager 

Miller Highlife 

Three words: Champagne of Beer 

Chad Vander Lugt, Creative Director  


I love the writing and art direction – to take a cliche like “herding cats” and run with it. So many sight gags: the cowboy at the end rolling his sling with a hair roller. The sneeze. The ball of yarn instead of rope. I died. It’s just fun. I think as marketers we place such high expectations on these annual ads to do all the work, we try to do every day. And that’s why they’re so easy to rip apart. But in this one area, especially one of advertising’s most coveted prizes, the Game Day spot, we get to entertain. 

Andrea Savignano, Project Manager 


Everything about this ad makes me smile – the adorable pack of dachshunds dressed as hotdogs, the classic songs, and then realizing the dogs are racing towards people dressed as ketchup and other condiments. 

Melissa Berube, Art Director 


I love how this one pokes fun at other Big Game ads as a clever way to advertise their product.  

Laura Rinck, President 

Apple, 1984 

This was an easy choice for me. Apple, 1984 was a 60-second spot that launched Macintosh in January 1984 suggesting that desktop computers could save humanity from the Orwellian conformity of “Big Brother”. It ran one time only but that was all that was needed to break through and find an indelible place in our collective consciousness. 

But oh, the irony!  

Fast forward 38 years to the post-truth era and here we are with Facebook, misinformation, disinformation, malware, data breaches, threats to privacy, and the proliferation of fake news. Oh, I’m sorry, was this about the Big Game ads? Apple should totally bring back that woman with the sledgehammer and this time, smash all the proliferators of propaganda. That’s all I’m saying. 

Sarah Bird


Sarah Bird

Content Director