Meet the Team


Lawrence Rinck


Lawrence serves in a key role of the highest esteem as our agency’s Inspiration Officer where his passion for the business comes to life each and every day. 

An original Mad Man, Larry took a job in 1962 at the Sperry & Hutchinson Company in New York City, better known as S&H Green Stamps. Larry was a major player in the national ad game in the 60’s, rising to Vice President of Advertising for S&H Green Stamps. He had a $10 million+ national budget when that was real money.  (In fact, really real: that budget has the same buying power as a $76 million ad spend in today’s media market). He knew all the major players during the creative revolution on Madison Avenue. His agency was Lintas-SSC&B and several of his account executives rose to very prominent roles in that organization, including Chairman. Larry was, and always has been, an amazing mentor – from the early days of mentoring his SSC&B team to mentoring and inspiring not only Peter and Laura, but the entire team of Rincksters.

Larry guided S&H Marketing through its heyday when everyone collected stamps and then through the Oil Crisis of 1972 when gas stations stopped using incentives. In fact, we’re proud to mention that Larry wrote the famous S&H line, “The more you lick ‘em, the more you’ll like ‘em.” If that’s not an incentive, we don’t know what is.

Larry later brought the incentive and loyalty innovation to the car rental business and moved onto Minnesota to service the National Car account directly.

Before New York, Larry held several amazingly cool positions in Cincinnati. He was a “Correspondent” for the Gruen Watch company where he wrote and answered consumer letters and sometimes had to go out to the front of the shop to deal with folks who came in with watches that wouldn’t work. Prior to that, Larry worked at the Bavarian Brewing Company as Marketing Manager. 

Today, at age 90-something, Larry has lots of stories to tell of the Mad old days. And in the telling, the one thing that always comes across was the ethics he brought to his role. In a business where ethics can be fairly flexible, he was rock solid.  Over the years since Laura and Peter have founded the agency, Larry has been the mentor for how this business should be. Open, honest, transparent, fair. 

Larry joins Rinck as a true Madison Avenue Man and a true inspiration. Where he should have been all along as the original Rinck in Rinck Advertising.