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CASE STUDY Green Mountain Coffee



Brew Over Ice Campaign


  • Build awareness, educate consumers, and drive trial of Green Mountain Coffee’s Brew Over Ice line of k-cup packs amongst existing Keurig®  brewer owners.


We created an integrated marketing campaign that targeted known Keurig® brewer owners with a strategic combination of digital advertising, shopper marketing, sampling and public relations to build awareness and drive trial in-store.


  • The digital media campaign delivered over 332 million impressions to an audience comprised of at least 70% known Keurig brewer owners.
  • Average click through rate for the entire campaign was 0.22%. That’s 120% over the industry standard click through rate or .10%.  Site traffic to brewoverice.com saw an over 2500% increase compared to the same period the year prior.
  • Over 40% of website visitors took an action: by downloading a coupon, entering the sweepstakes or shopping online for product.
  • The Brew Over Ice game was played over 335,000 times and 121,000 consumers entered the sweepstakes. 
  • Engaged consumers and influencers at 7 key sampling events sampled 6,200 Brew Over Ice beverages and gave out 5,000 tumblers and 1,200 Keurig promotional offers.