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Benefit/Community TV Spots


  • Develop a brand identity for Agren Appliance that raises the profile of the family-owned retail stores above their competitors
  • Provide advertising for the expansion of the business including the launch of a new retail location


The opening of the new Topsham, Maine location was a first in Agren’s 48-year history, as it was built from the ground up. This undertaking was the perfect platform to reinvigorate this well-known family brand in the marketplace. 

Rinck leveraged Agren’s reputation in the community as well as the opening of the new location by developing a testimonial and benefits-based television campaign. Our strategy was to have real customers and staff memebers talking about their personal Agren experience, the brand and the core values of the organization including the no-lose warranty, excellent customer service, importance of the community and quality of products. 

Rinck integrated monthly promotional deals within this highly branded campaign to create a strong, retail call-to-action. Each month, we filmed a new promotion and integrated that message within the hierarchal brand platform to highlight the benefit-of-the-benefit to the consumer which was to demonstrate how Agren improves day-to-day life as well as improves the communities in which we live and work. 


Not only has the television campaign generated spectacular word of mouth for Agren, but since the launch of television spots, sales have increased year over year.