06 May 2015

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly? Google Wants It To Be!

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You may have recently heard that Google launched a pretty big update to their algorithm April 21st, or maybe you are currently shaking your head saying “all-go-ra-whaa?”

So what is Google doing and how will it impact you? Well friends, Google released a mobile-friendly search result update that will not only identify a site’s mobile-friendliness, but will also significantly impact search results for mobile users. The industry hypothesis on how impactful this Google update is falling into two camps:

One – Google is going to reward your mobile-friendly site…yay!

Two – Google is forcing you to be mobile-friendly...potentially kicking & screaming.

So what should you do next?

Test your site: google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly
Does your site pass? Great…you win! Doesn’t? Review those helpful bullets to find out why your content failed and make note of the changes needed. Then start planning how you are going to address your site’s mobile optimization moving forward.

Now, consider your mobile options.
You could address each bullet directly, but that could prove to be a cumbersome project, which will surely require a large portion of your developer’s time to redesign for each error. The more efficient and ideal solution would be to move towards a mobile optimized CMS, but which approach should you take?

  • Mobile Website. Essentially a copy of your current site (m.yourdomain.com) that is smaller and easier to navigate on mobile devices. While this type of mobile-friendly design has some drawbacks, it is a cost effective way to address the negative impacts of Google’s mobile update.
  • Responsive Design. One website, one design that adjusts according to a device’s screen size and orientation (landscape or portrait). This can sometimes be a more expensive option, depending on the size of your website, but it is more flexible and can grow with your site over time.

Modernizing your website can be a long (and sometimes expensive) process, however it is important to be forward-thinking and optimize towards Internet users - serve them the content they want, to the devices they use. Appealing to the needs of perspective customers can ultimately lead to more conversions and revenue for your company.

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