04 Feb 2016

Why Rinck Raises Morale, & Your Business Should Join Us

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Forget what you have heard about incentives increasing employee attendance, because that tiny part is only the beginning. It’s about raising true morale amongst the work place, the kinds of feelings that encourage us to show up to our jobs each day and give it everything humanly possible by us. For Rinck, it began with the people who make it all possible: its Rincksters.

Rinck Advertising - Morale Committee

Relationships are often the most powerful tool we have as human beings. At a full service agency, sharing a vision is only a small piece of a giant puzzle, that when put together the right way, delivers a killer campaign. Ignoring the group’s morale would only be ignoring Rinck’s secret weapon. The possibility to encourage and nurture new ideas, creativity and success.

Stress plays a huge part in diminishing overall employee morale. Let’s face it, working in advertising is probably one of the most stressful jobs. It’s a week before a major deadline and you haven’t seen your buddy leave the conference room since you opened it on Monday. What has happened to your friend? Has he or she jumped down a wormhole into what we call “survival mode”? This is not the place for higher mental functions to exist, according to John Gaspari, a licensed clinical worker from Los Angeles. Gaspari also notes if a person fights too long in this mode, there are negative consequences for their physical and mental health.

With ambition to avoid a downhill office attitude, Rinck Advertising organized a meaningful group of staffers to dedicate a few extra hours (and a budget) to uplifting practices for us all to take on. The Morale Committee was never “re-named” as promised, but has lived up to its expectation that we would all see and feel a difference in the office morale as a whole. After a handful of successful group activities, such as Rincktacular (our version of a totally spooky Halloween), the now famous “Bagel Wednesdays,” and an epic Holiday Party, the Morale Committee is experiencing major levels of participation. It’s not just all about free food, we also launched an Ovations Board. Where team members can share why or how someone has gone above and beyond. The board is featured in our main lobby so all employees can share the love. We also participated in a Giving Tree this holiday season where the outpouring of charitable hearts was overwhelming. Rinck gave to three, very deserving, community charities with employee contributions.

Rinck Advertising - HalloweenRinck Advertising - Celebrations

Focusing on the foundation of the agency has lead to positive outlooks and attitudes, unified responses and company-wide participation. Stand alone work is sure to follow.

Rinck Advertising - Round Food Wednesday