27 Jun 2017

Welcoming Gen Z to the Workplace

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Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation entering the workplace this year that is grabbing the attention of Human Resource Directors and C-Suite executives, just when they finally figured you out.

2017 marks the first year that the Generation Z cohort is hitting the job market, leaving business executives scratching their heads about how to attract the post-Millennial generation. Welcoming Gen Z-ers is happening at the same time the workforce is saying goodbye to approximately 3.6 million Baby Boomers.

There seems to be some confusion about who came up with the name “Gen Z” and which age group actually makes up the cohort, but according to Wikipedia, it is comprised of people born somewhere between “the mid-1990s to early 2000s” (between 17 and 22 years-old). There is agreement that the 2.5 billion Gen Z-ers are ‘digital natives’, the first generation born into the age of the internet.

There’s no lack of research available. Just plug “Gen Z” into your browser and you’ll find pages upon pages of links to content to find fun facts such as these from Wikipedia:

  • The top three "must haves" for their first jobs are health insurance, a competitive salary, and a boss they respect.
  • The workplace should be less about age and more about ideas and contributions.
  • They want a clear opportunity to advance.
  • They enjoy more person-to-person contact in workplace opposed to online interaction - they thrive on developing genuine relationships especially with authority figures.
  • They don’t just want a job, they want more. They want to feel fulfillment and excitement that makes them feel like the work they are doing actually means something.
  • They’re eager to be involved in the community and its future.
  • They are conscientious about making enough money to cover both immediate expenses and debt, including student loans.

Rinck already has a track record of working with Gen Z-ers because many have walked through our doors and spent some time here. Over the years our robust year-round internship program has served hundreds of student interns from all over the globe thanks to our connection with Bates College, local universities and community connections. Some former interns are now full-time employees. Also, since 2002, Rinck’s Promotions Department has hired young people to staff events across the state and across the county. A few of them now hold high-level positions in the company.

Over the past 16 ½ years, Rinck has been fortunate to attract emerging as well as seasoned talent who have been attracted to our philosophy, culture and environment that are cutting-edge with a wink to the past. We have always welcomed and fully embraced generations of all decades. Check out the opportunity section of our website if you’re interested in becoming part of Rinck’s award-winning team.

And, to learn more about Gen Z - who they are and what they’re looking for in a workplace - check out these links:

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Z

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