26 Apr 2017

Unicorns & Mermaids & Rainbows, Oh My!

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One of the benefits of the Rinck Test Kitchen is being able to experiment with our clients. As a part of the Rinck Content Studio, we can explore everything our clients have to offer, and provide insights into consumer needs and unique product benefits. We’re lucky enough to have amazing CPG clients who encourage experimentation and innovation, which is a good thing considering that’s kind of what we do here at Rinck. So when Unicorns began popping up all over our newsfeeds (not literally, just the drink kind) we knew we had to take action.

Tasked by our intrepid leader and President, Laura Davis Rinck, the content team got to work. How could we get our CPG clients in on this amazing trend? Relying on looks alone wouldn’t get us anywhere in the kitchen. Our plates needed to serve up more than a pretty face and an overdose of sugar.

Inspired by the original Unicorn (@vibrantandpure) We grabbed our Reese Specialty Foods Capers to create a mini galaxy of creamy toast art. The capers served as asteroids in our atmosphere of imagination.

mermaid toast

Colman’s Mustard, self defined as a #HOTMESS is like a Unicorn’s best friend. It comes in three varieties, and today we turned the Dry Powder into cosmic gold. Taking our Fiery Mac n’ Cheese Recipe, and adding in just the right amount of food coloring to create a rainbow of elbow noodles that dreams are made of.

unicorn mac and cheese


Of course, with all this savory, we knew we needed something sweet to sip on while we worked. Using dairy client Dean Foods, we whipped up the most over-the-top Unicorn ever created. Complete with tri-layered vanilla milkshake, whipped cream and a literal candy mountain even Charlie the Unicorn would be appalled by (bonus points if you get that reference).


unicorn milkshake


At the end of the day we had a magical buffet of treats as spectacular as any double rainbow. Not only that, but we had dozens of great fun photos, a new version of a client owned recipe, and the inspiration for this very blog post. All in all, an excellent day in the Rinck Content Studio. Which is why we have the Rinck Test Kitchen & Content Studio, and why it’s such a vital piece of the new building for us Rincksters.

Not only does our kitchen allow us to not cook lunch hunched over a 5 year old microwave, it gives us our own space to innovate and create. The kitchen allows us to jump on trends, really get to know our client’s products, and provide better insight to consumers. We can jump into more roles, transforming Rinck Content Studio Team members into food stylists, chefs and photographers, saving both Rinck and our clients time and money. As we get ready to begin our fourth month in our new space, opportunities continue to pop up where we least expect them. Rinck has always been an exciting place to be, but boy oh boy, are you going to love what happens next.

Unicorns & Rainbows,

The Rinck Content Team