26 Feb 2014

Take A Fresh Look At Your Logo

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That little mark or combination of words is the first impression many people have of your brand, company or product. A well-designed logo distinguishes you from the competition and provides a quick visual reference for customers. It’s estimated that we see about 2,000 logos every day. That sounds like a lot, but think about it - every ad you see, every car on the road, every business you pass along the way – sports a logo that is telling you something about the business it represents.

Great logos become status symbols. People identify themselves with the brands they keep. You’d think that with the heavy lifting that little symbol is tasked with, companies would devote much effort to getting it right but that is not always the case.

Some logos start with a new business – something quickly drawn up to put on a business card – without much regard for the meaning behind the symbol. Over time the business grows and the logo becomes engrained. Why change it? It’s our logo!

But obviously, some logos are more effective than others. A logo designed with a clear understanding of the strengths and values that need to be communicated - technical, helpful, fun, protective, energized, stylish, etc. - will work hard to promote a business and build loyal customers.

Consider your logo. Does it reflect the important traits that set you apart? Is it a source of pride for you and your customers? Or has your company evolved while your logo has stayed the same? If your logo looks dated or unprofessional, that also says something about your business.

This logo redesign for SummerSpace, a line of retractable awnings, brings new life and a contemporary look to the brand

Summer Space

The primary mission of Maine Cancer Foundation is to fund leading-edge cancer research. This logo redesign better communicates that focus on science:

Maine Cancer Foundation

It isn’t necessary to start from scratch. Whatever the design, an established logo has value so, if possible, you want to keep elements that work and build on those. Maybe it’s the color that could be a little brighter or text that could be simplified, like this update for Agren:

While it’s important to maintain consistency in your visual identity, it’s just as important to stay current. If your logo is too complicated or isn’t working well in new media, it’s time for a fresh look. You may be surprised at how invigorating a logo update can be to your entire organization.

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Maine Cancer Foundation
Summer Space