24 Aug 2016

Speaking the Mother Tongue for National Campaign Aimed at Targeted Consumer Segment: TTGP, NP and FTMs

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It took a team of code-cracking mom marketers to translate an underground language and engage women who are in a very special cycle of life – pregnancy and motherhood.

The Rinck marketing team used total immersion to become literate in a second language. They joined the thousands of pregnant women, first time moms and women trying to get pregnant to scour the Internet for advice and opinions on everything from dealing with annoying family members to breastfeeding, ovulation, infertility, labor and morning sickness.

But it’s not as simple as following the conversation or asking a question on a message board, chat room, app or social channel. They had to crack the code. AKA: Mommy Lingo. Pee on a stick? That’s POAS. Breastfeeding in public? BIP. A negative pregnancy test is a Big Fat Negative, or BFN.#MommyLingo - Rinck Advertising

The [email protected] (Mom Marketers at Rinck) learned mommy lingo the hard way – one message board at time – and found hundreds of acronyms on websites and social channels.

“We knew that there wasn’t an easy, one-stop website dedicated to learning the hundreds of acronyms and code words used online by women trying to get pregnant, pregnant women, new moms and even experienced moms”, explained Rinck President Laura Davis.

“We saw an incredible opportunity to provide a rich and dynamic resource for women who are in a cycle of life that feels mysterious enough without knowing the language. Thus, MommyLingo.com and @Mommy_Lingo were born to launch an unbranded campaign for national healthcare client Exeltis.”

MommyLingo.com is dedicated to the mommy lingo acronyms like AFSA (Aunt Flo Stay Away) or NTNP (Not Trying Not Preventing) and code words, and has a search-by-letter glossary with more than 350 definitions. Additionally, the Mommy Lingo Challenge allows first time or experienced moms to test their “mommy lingo” knowledge.

A perfect score on the Challenge declares takers a Mommy Jedi, but the Rinck moms already knew that and a whole lot more about mommy lingo. They even announced the website launch with a news release written entirely in mommy lingo.


WWW & MLQ Created for TTC, PG, FTM or EMs on KNWL of ABBR Found in MMBs

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey (August 1, 2016) – A new WWW has been created for FTMs, FTDs, PPL TTC, PG, EMs or NE1 trying to DC ML spoken in MMBs, CRs and SM. The WWW encourages FTMs and EMs to test their KNWL on ABBR (IE “AFSA” or “NTNP”) found on MMBs. The WWW INC DEFS in a MLM AWA a MLQ which allows FTMs and EMs to test their “ML” KNWL.

FTR, PPL are speaking ML in RL. TBH, visiting a MMB FTFT can make a FTM or even an EM feel a little OMG. TTC, WAHM, SAHM, WOHM, PG, ML, L&D, IF, BFing or FFing ABBRs fill the MMBs, and NE1 can be confused PDQ. IOW, the MLQ WWW was created to help EMs, FTMs, and those TTC who might be C-ING ABBRs like “BFIP” and “DS” FTFT, or are ISO a MMB MLM.

Along W/ DC ML, TTC, PG, FTMs or NE1 FWIW, will be provided more info FTW, like helping DC other topics, IE the benefits of RxPNVs and why PPL should TTYD, TTYM, TTYNP, TTHP about them.

“I stopped my BCP and DH and I were BDing, hoping for a BFP with a HPT after lots of BFNs. I POAS and found out that I was PG!” Amanda, a FTM from ME said. “I wanted INFO on a PNV, but didn’t want an OTC HP, so I visited MMBs 2 C what other FTMs and EMs were taking and why. I didn’t realize I would have to DC ML B4 I could TTOM! AFAIC, I’m so glad this WWW exists to help me DC ML and to find out I’m not alone, IYKWIM.”

Once a NP, PG, FTM or EM (even DHs, FTDs or SAHDs) can DC the ML on MMBs, they can begin to have open CONVOS with other PG, FTM or EMs about their PG AWA their POV on everything from NTNP, IF, MC, MS, LOs and what type of PNV a NPM needs to take. This WWW HTH FTMs DC MMB mysteries, including the benefit of RxPNVs for EW for ES of her PG, from TTC to PP.

FMI on the MLQ, please visit http://www.mommylingo.com/