14 Mar 2014

Social Proof and why it’s just like high school for brands.

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Social Proof is a really fun buzzword, but what it stands for is your brand’s social street cred. It’s the equivalent of being the new kid at school and getting the popular kid to sign your yearbook. When other people find out, everyone is going to want to tell you to have a nice summer. Social Proof removes fear for consumers by showcasing a friend’s endorsement or activity and shortens the path for acquiring a new fan for brands.

Kristy Phinney likes Rinck Advertising. 

I like Kristy Phinney. 

Therefore, I too may like Rinck Advertising. 


YOU like Rinck Advertising.

Pretty simple, right? Pretty awesome actually if you’re a brand who is using social proof to expand your audience. You’ve gained a new fan because most people trust their friend’s judgment (except for that one time with the tequila that no one wants to talk about). A 2012 Nielsen survey reports that 92% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. When brands capitalize on the power of Social Proof, they expand the reach of their messaging and build brand trust. 

By following a page, liking or commenting on your brand’s post, or sharing a post – friends of fans who have similar interests will see that activity in their newsfeed and potentially be activated as a new fan. Each and every one of your fans has the potential to be a brand ambassador. Give them something to like.