06 Oct 2015

#SoExcited - Instagram Advertising

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Today is like Christmas for this digital media planner! Instagram has finally opened up their advertising platform, making it more accessible to advertisers like Rinck Advertising by integrating placements in the Facebook Power Editor tool. They actually began the roll out on October 1st, but because they didn’t want to crash their server the roll out has been slow. We know this because I have been harassing Facebook on the daily, trying to find out when we would have access.

Instagram Advertising

So why am I (and also the rest of the Rinckster working on new media) so excited about this? Here are just a few reasons!

It’s Native!
Instagram advertising content appears natively in the Instagram feed. We know consumers, especially us Millennials, are more likely to engage with and share content that appears natively.

It’s Targeted
When I found out that Instagram was going to be using the Facebook Power Editor tool I did a little happy dance. This is the tool we use to create all of our very targeted Facebook campaigns. So not only am I familiar with how to use the tool, I know how powerful it is at creating very precise targets. This allows us to get the right message to the right people, at the right time!

It's Integrated
At Rinck we are all about Dynamic Integration and because Facebook and Instagram ads will be optimized using the same tool it makes Dynamic Integration that much more impactful! So what does that mean exactly? We can increase our frequency by reaching the same consumer on Instagram as we do on Facebook.

Hurray for making our clients dollars work harder!

Instagram Advertising

I simply could not wait to try it out, so I proposed (ok, I begged for) a Rinck test campaign.  The timing was pretty perfect too since we are currently looking to expand our digital and social media teams.

Instagram Advertising

We can't wait to integrate this new offering into our clients strategies!