19 Nov 2015

Get to Know Our Rincksters Based on Our “Most Used FB Words”

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Every day it seems there is a new BuzzFeed quiz or Facebook app that aims to sum up who you are in a singular image or item. Recent quizzes include “Which Extinct Animal Are You?”, or “We Know Which Thanksgiving Side You are Based on Your Zodiac Sign” (yes, for real….I’m cranberry sauce, for the record). There have also been the “Who is Your Evil Twin?” and “Who is Your Soulmate?” apps. Typically, I try to avoid the click bait and ignore these when scrolling through my feed. I don’t always win, though. The latest one “What are Your Most-Used FB Words?” got the best of my curiosity. I just had to try it!

Katie Greenlaw

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Katie Greenlaw

Mine actually seemed to make a sentence: “Today [was a] great little day!” so that seems pretty positive. Also, with words like “kids”, “family”, “Brayden”, “Hailey”, "school", “soccer”, “basketball” and “baseball” all making the list, it indicates that my life is consumed with my children, their schooling and their sports activities. #truth

Mariah Rinck

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Mariah Rinck

Mariah’s cloud was also very child-focused. “Lacey” and “Theo”, the adorable future leaders of Rinck Advertising who Mariah does her best to keep in line every day, are two of her biggest words. Trumped only by “love”. . . <insert collective "awww" here>

Veronica Beaudoin

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Veronica Beaudoin

One of Veronica’s biggest words was “Scotland”, which is where she studied abroad in between her internship at Rinck and when she came back to be a full-time Rinckster. So, yeah, I’m a little jealous of that one. Next time, take me with you, Veronica!

Kevin Mitchell

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Kevin Mitchell

The award for the least surprising of all the clouds goes to Kevin Mitchell, a.k.a. the best McDonald’s brand ambassador on the planet. His words include “McDonalds”, “All Day Breakfast”, “Lobster” and “HappinessTour”. Can you tell he is passionate about his client…and probably deserves some more vacation time?

Jake MacGillivary

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Jack MacGillivary

Like Kevin, Jake’s cloud shows what a dedicated Rinckster he is as well. “Laura”, “Peter”, “Rinck”, “USM”, and several other Rincksters make their appearance in his cloud. Something tells me Jake is in the running for favorite employee at the agency right now…. and he’s winning.

Heather Beaulieu

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Heather Beaulieu

Heather’s cloud is another one that elicits the heart emojis. Her two beautiful babes, 4yo “Cade” and three-month-old “Calla” make a prominent appearance in her most used words. And in her life. At all hours of the night. #sleepdeprivedmom

Lisa Fields

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Lisa Fields

Lisa’s cloud is simply amazing and so perfectly her! I love that “Love” “Maine” appear side-by-side, but even more than that I love that both “Star Wars” and “puppy” are prominent as well. If you know Lisa, you know there is no way that the app messed up on this one!

Seth Hasty

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Seth Hasty

Seth shared that he was kind of ashamed that he evidently talks about “running” more than his family, but as he noted “my wife is used to that.” It’s okay, Seth, you can make sure to tell her the fact that her name and “Iamgrateful” are so close together is no coincidence.

Kevin Gove

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Kevin Gove

Kevin’s word cloud echoes the same themes as Seth’s highlighting his beautiful children, “Ben” and “Lily” and one of his favorite pastimes with words like “half”, “marathon” and “run.” And, before you ask, no, being a runner is not a pre-requisite on the Rinck job application.

Melissa Simmons

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Melissa Simmons

Melissa’s most used words include “perfect” “quick” “little” “early” “morning” “sunrise” and “ride”, which is how she often loves to start off her day with her horse. For a horse lover, there’s no better way to start your day. No wonder she’s always smiling!

Karly Eretzian

Blog Post: Get To Know Our Rincksters - Karly Eretzian

Karly was glad to see that her cloud was bright and positive with words like “happy” and “day”, which are both largely attributable to another of her words, “Stelli” her adorable little girl. Interestingly, on either side of those primary words are “work” and “life” which is no-doubt a tribute to how seamlessly Karly manages the work-life balance that all of our Rinck moms and dads juggle on a daily basis. She's one mom who makes it look easy!

That’s just a sample of our Rincksters. Now it’s YOUR turn to try it out. Here’s the link to see what your most used words are. What does it say about you? Share it with us on our Rinck Facebook page!