13 May 2015

Rinck's Vintage Photo Shoot

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Bonjour and hello friends!

WARNING: If you weren’t jealous of Rinck Advertising before, you’re about to be.

Sure, your “Throwback Thursday” picture on instagram when you were 6 was adorable, but we won the #tbt title last week. Sorry. We like to win.

Our company photo shoot finally happened on Thursday!! We had a retro vibe with a touch of sassy-chic (duh, we’re in advertising) and a whole lot of hair teasing. Rinck doesn’t know how to do things half heartedly, so we had measurements taken, outfits sourced by pros and mill space rented for our photo shoot extravaganza! There might have also been champagne… We did NOT mess around.

In addition to our day-to-day team, we added a couple friends to help make the day perfect. We had The Stapelia Company featuring the AHHHHmazing Jessica Beebe snapping pics. Let me tell you something, that woman knows what she’s doing. She even made the Digital guys look good (we usually just keep them in the back corner)! All the photographs she captured were stunning. The lighting, the outfits, the laughs! Ugh. Can’t that just be work every day?

I won’t leave you completely hanging. Here’s a little behind the scenes look thanks to Kristy’s iphone (pretty sure the rest of us were just taking selfies) (I’m looking at you Kevin):

Rinck's Vintage Photo Shoot

The whole day felt like the 60s version of America’s Next Top Model and Karly was totally Tyra (aka our fierce leader). Even though the outfits and styling were circa 1960s, it felt pretty modern. That’s the beauty of vintage; it will always be cutting edge. So, if you see me in the grocery store and I’m wearing this outfit, don’t think I’m crazy! Hahah kidding – I don’t do groceries.

Shout out to all who had a hand in putting this whole thing together! It was an amazing day. Nothing says team bonding like hair spray, tweed and champagne!

Stay tuned for more pictures from the shoot!