15 Jul 2015

Rinck Philosophy: Dynamically Integrating Media Tactics

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Rinck Advertising doesn’t have a media department- we have a media team. Though members of our team have different specialties, we work closely together to create complete winning solutions.

As a full-service advertising agency, we offer a comprehensive Dynamically Integrated™ marketing strategy to our clients. You can expect creative solutions that maximize the media channels: targeting the right audience, on the right platforms, with the right message.  Developing strategies that include Earned, Paid and Owned – because media integration is a critical component to marketing success.

Earned. This includes a brand’s public relations efforts (traditional & digital).

Paid. Media you pay dollars for, including traditional media and “new media” platforms.

Owned. Any platform that currently belongs to, or is leased (think Facebook), by the brand.

Rinck Philosophy: Dynamically Integrating Tactics

Rinck also takes a Dynamic Integration™ approach to building a client’s media selection, looking for ways to build messaging across multiple platforms in a way that reinforces message delivery. We approach media planning with a platform agnostic approach, allowing the team to focus on the tactics that have proven to work and test those we believe will have a big impact.

> Traditional Media plays an important role in raising awareness among a large audience.

> Digital Media and Paid Social Media permits message targeting with greater accuracy.

> Search Engine Marketing harvests existing demand for information.

If you are looking for a new approach to your marketing strategy, contact us to learn more about our strategic approach to the integration of market research, advertising, digital development, promotion and public relations.