06 Oct 2016

Things Are Becoming Official – Rinck Advertising is a Google Partner

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Our love for all things Google has never been a secret. Some of us (ahem, me) would even identify as a full-fledged fangirl. We start new client relationships with a conversation about Google Analytics. Media plans often include Google Adwords and YouTube proposals. We are certified DoubleClick users.

But, while Rinck has been an advocate of Google for as long as any of us can remember, it wasn’t until recently that we began pursuing a deeper connection with the big G. Today we are happy to announce that we went from dating Google to moving in with them. Rinck Advertising is now an official Google Partner!

Rinck Advertising - Google Partner

Isn’t our badge fancy?

So, what is a Google Partner? According to the source (how many times can I say Google?): “Google Partners provides online marketing companies and professionals with the resources, training and support to help advertisers be more successful online.”

What does that mean to Rinck? Well besides being able to show our (love) partnership proudly on our website, the most fundamental benefit of our new Google status is – knowledge. We would already consider ourselves pretty advanced Google platform users, but now we can access training events, platform courses and even take exams to show off our grasp of Google advertising concepts.

You might be saying, “gee that is great for you Rinck, but what does that mean for my business?” Well, your experts should be experts. Being a partner with Google proves that we are Google experts and will continue to be fed the information we need to stay experts.

Also, as a Google Partner, Rinck will now have access to promotional offers and rewards. These cost saving opportunities will be passed on to you, our client! Saving dollars is always a good thing.

So cheers to our new official partner status! And if you are looking for a search professional, why not contact us today to see how our Google partnership can work for you?