19 Feb 2014

Preparing for a Photo Shoot

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Just about anyone with a cellphone can take a photo these days and instantly publish it for the entire world to see. We’re bombarded with images that might grab our attention for just a minute. And a minute is usually all that goes into composing these images.

When you’re investing in photography as a marketing asset the stakes are much higher. Photography is an important component of your brand identity. Like a logo, color palette and the tone of your copy, the images you use to market your product or business play a role in defining the overall personality of your brand. With the proliferation of poor photos vying for attention these days, you can really stand out by investing in quality, professional photos.

One of the benefits of working with a full-service agency is having the assistance of an Art Director on photo shoots. We can help you plan the process to make the most efficient use of your time and budget. Following are some of the steps that lead to a successful shoot.

Create a Shot List

If there are several photos to be taken, your shot list will detail the images and set-ups you want to accomplish. For instance, you may want to shoot a variety of products individually, then grouped, then with props. An organized list will help the photographer determine which shots can be done in a similar format, limiting the time spent arranging sets and lighting.

Location Scout

When photographing people, it’s often best to take pictures in a setting that provides reference and adds interest: an executive in her office, a doctor in a hospital, an athlete at the gym. You want to visit the site ahead of time to make sure the location will work. If you’re photographing a building, you want to know where shadows fall at what time of day.

Prop Sourcing

Depending on the photo, prop sourcing can be as simple as choosing a background that the photographer has in stock. It can also be as involved as shopping for just the right items to compliment the subject, like a bright napkin and fresh cookies on a beautiful plate to make your hot chocolate look even more delicious. These items need to be considered beforehand and available on the day of the shoot.

Some photo shoots may require hiring a stylist to make sure sets and products look their best, or someone to style clothing, hair and make-up. On simpler shoots, these tasks are often handled by the Art Director. She will also keep in mind the ways the photos will be used and make sure the images will serve their function long after the photo shoot is completed.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a successful photo shoot. Let one of the experienced Art Directors at Rinck Advertising be your guide.