29 Jul 2015

Mobile Moments

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In this age of mobile-connectediness it has never been more important to understand what users are doing on their mobile devices. In fact, in the United States more Google searches are taking place on mobile devices than on computers!

Speaking of Google, they have been talking a lot about how with the increasing usage of mobile devices, consumer behavior has been forever changed and is important for brands to consider the “moments” that shape user preference. Let’s look at the 4 moment categories, also being referred to as micro-moments, that Google wants all marketers to know:

WANT-TO-KNOW-MOMENTS: “information” searches

WANT-TO-GO-MOMENTS: “near me” searches

WANT-TO-DO-MOMENTS: “how to” searches

WANT-TO-BUY-MOMENTS: “review” or “pricing” searches

No matter what micro-moment your consumer is in, it is important to remember that interaction with a brand is ultimately intent-drive moments of decision-making.

So what can you do? As a brand you need to identify the moments you want/need and analyze what could be driving those consumers to you during those moments. Ensure you are in front of the customer during their search with content relevant to what they are looking for in the….moment!

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