15 Mar 2017

March Madness – Rinck Edition

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Posted on behalf of Sarah Fuller

As basketball fans huddled around TVs, laptops, tablets, etc. on Sunday for the selection for the NCAA tournament, a whole bunch of Rincksters were rebounding from one of our biggest client events of the year: The Maine McDonald’s All-Star Basketball Games.

Maine is serious about its basketball – high school basketball. A fervor I didn’t truly understand until this year, as we geared up for the Games that occur one week after State Championships. The All-Star Games have been held for 37 years; McDonald’s has been the lead sponsor for 29 of them. It becomes easy to see why the high school game is so beloved in Maine – tight-knit towns that view these student-athletes as family and revel in their successes.

Maine All Star Basketball


As the newest Rinckster, this was my first year working the Games. Rinck has had the honor of helping to organize and promote the games for 10 years – and each year some things are the same, and some are different; even as a newbie, I can pick those out.

The differences that make each year unique is all about the awardees. A new group of high school student-athletes, outstanding in their accomplishments on and off the court. New awardees for the Boys’ and Girls’ teams, Coaching, Spirit of the Game, Academic Scholarships, Media Awards and Mr. and Miss Basketball. It is a treat to read about these young men and women for weeks and then see them and their families come together from across the state to celebrate and enjoy some basketball without the pressure of Class and State championships on the line. It really is some excellent basketball – I kid you not. Having watched the best DI college teams compete, these All-Stars put on a great show. With only a couple hours of practice, these players rely on their training, skills and sportsmanship to make it look like they’ve played together for years.

What goes on behind the scenes to make this whole weekend happen, is where the repeat performance of many dedicated people is so critical. The Maine Association of Basketball Coaches makes sure the players awardees are vetted and chosen and the logistics of the games go smoothly. The Maine McDonald’s Owners and Operators provide needed support for the games and volunteers to make sure they happen without fail; all the net proceeds from the Games go to support the excellent work of Ronald McDonald House Charities in Maine. And then there’s Rinck.

Maine Agency - Rinck Advertising


From the graphics for the posters and programs, to the press materials to get the news out, banquet centerpieces, social media plugs and uniforms the players wear – it is a pleasure to work with a team who brings their A-game every day, but especially to this event to make sure that it is a smooth and memorable occasion for these All-Stars. So now we will catch our breaths, see what plays we can improve upon and be ready for our very own Maine March Madness again next year.