13 Apr 2017

Live Stream or it Didn't Happen

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One L/A Live Video

If you didn’t broadcast it live, did it really happen?

Since this time last year, we’ve watched (literally) as live streaming has taken off. When Facebook gave live video to everyone last year, it was as if the floodgates had opened. Everyone and their brother wanted to live stream. Clothing sales, protests, little league games, graduations, you name it, you could find it happening live on Facebook.

This presented an interesting challenge to marketers. Since live streaming has become one of the best ways to boost organic engagement (darn you Facebook algorithm) and to create interesting, shareable content, brands wanted in. We saw publishers like the New York Times and Food Network garner millions of views from live streaming. A zoo in Oregon set us all on edge for weeks waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth (still waiting btw). There are so many opportunities to go live. Even Rinck livestreamed our new building groundbreaking back in October.

So how do you go live as a brand? How do we (as an agency) help clients create live content their fans want to see? What events are ‘live stream worthy’? Here’s a quick breakdown of three easy ways to create a live stream your fans will actually want to watch and more importantly, share.

1.Big News - Announce it Live

Use your live stream as a way to plus up a big event, in addition to earned coverage from traditional media sources. A product launch, a festival, a game, or a press conference, show your fans who can’t be there what’s really happening. If you want people to feel invested in an event, or if you’ve got exciting news, don’t just post about it. Live stream it. Bring your fans along for the ride. This is a great way to drive engagement and awareness among your fans, not to mention, FB pushes live videos higher up in newsfeeds, meaning you could get better reach too.

2. AMA’s & Q&A’s

While the AMA tradition (ask me anything) may have started on Reddit, it’s made a quick transition to most social networks, and live video makes it even easier. Are you or someone on your team an expert in your field? Someone from product development or a CEO open to a live interview? Getting ready to launch a new product or service and want to handle questions quickly? Stream it all live. Not only do these types of live streams solidify you (and your brand’s) credentials as experts, they help to make your brand more transparent, a buzzword that’s a lot more than just a word to most millenials and Gen-Z’ers. People are looking for brands they can rely on and showcasing your knowledge, answering questions and not editing any of it is the ultimate test of transparency.

3. Polls, Countdowns & Reveals, Oh My!

Looking to get opinions on favorite products or services? Want to learn more about your consumer? Host a live poll on your Facebook page and watch the reactions happen in real time. Made very popular during the 2016 election, this method of live video is a great, easy way to boost engagement and catch up with the live trend without too much time or effort. You can learn a lot about how your customer feels about products and services, drive excitement around new products and reveal fun images. There are tons of live poll creators that you can add to your Facebook page, some free, some not, including LiveReactionsPoll, VideoReact, MyLivePolls and many, many others.

Those are just three easy ways to go live on FB. There are definitely more ways to do it, so get creative! If it’s something you think your fans would enjoy, something you’d engage with on Facebook, give it a try. Not only is this a great way to drive engagement and awareness on your page, the footage you create can be saved and used for future content. Video is one of the highest performing content types on Facebook, and live video is a great way to create relevant video content without high production costs.

Just make sure before you press that ‘Go Live’ button, you’ve gone through this quick checklist:

  1. Use a stable tripod
  2. Make sure your phone is landscape.
  3. Have a good, strong internet connection to limit lag and interruptions.

Still not sure if you’re ready? Let us know and maybe we can help. ;)