04 May 2016

Kid-Friendly Googling—Thanks Kiddle!

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Using Google to answer life’s questions is a thing we all do. I mean there is a verb to describe the action, but search results aren’t always the most appropriate. And image searches? Some things can’t be unseen!

But what are you supposed to do when your little ones have questions you don’t have the answers for? Do they have a school project due? Need the latest Minecraft walkthrough? Enter Kiddle, the Google for kids!


Rinck Blog - Kid Friendly Google


While not officially owned (or necessarily endorsed) by Google (aka Alphabet), Kiddle allows kids to connect with the world, in a child-safe way. Plus, Kiddle actual presents search results (or SERPs) in a kid-oriented way, listing safe trusted sites by how they are written:

  • 1-3: written specifically for kids
  • 4-7: not written specifically for kids, but have content written in a simple to understand way
  • 8+: written at an adult level that most kids might find harder to understand, but with a little help from an adult they can use the information

Kiddle also has a kid-friendly look: kids are greeted by a happy waving robot, illustrated thumbnails make results easier to scan and select, and the search result fonts are displayed in a large Arial for readability.


Rinck Advertising - Kiddle


And Kiddle never collects any personally identifiable information, keeping your kids anonymous as they surf the web.

Now everyone can Google those pesky questions!