21 Apr 2014

Front Page News 4/21/14


Dear diary,

It finally happened. I didn’t know when the day would finally arrive, but we were ready. I was nervous, but also excited. We weren’t sure if it would be perfect, but we knew we wanted to try. And so, on Thursday, April 17, 2014… we launched our new website. OUR new Rinck Website. Take a peek. We’re pretty proud. No, we’re wicked proud.


  • I met Jordan at the Keurig. He’s working here now in digital. Hi Jordan! (Sorry I creeped your Facebook… bad habit.)

  • Found out Elizabeth’s nickname is Ed – that’s not confusing at all!


  • Bruins Playoffs start today. (Yay!)
  • Portland broke a record low with 22 degrees. (Cry!)
  • Can’t stop drinking Lime Cucumber Gatorade. Everyone go try it now. 

  • Days I showered: 3? 4? What are days? What are showers?
  • Number of snow days: ZERO. BUT it did actually snow. Like an inch or two. So. Idk.
  • We had an amazing day at an extraordinary organization, NAMI Maine. It was an honor to meet so many people working and living their passion to better the well being of people affected by mental illness. 


Client meetings are hard.

Happy weekend!