07 Feb 2014

Front Page News 2/7/14

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Front Page News  2.7.14

Emily Page

Howdy ho to everyone who is still alive & surviving the coldest winter ever in the history of life.

This week at Rinck:

  • We got a shiny new intern (Brynn) who is a volleyball player at Bates College.
  • New mama Karly visited the office yesterday with sweet, sweet Stella Bug in tow. Then I had a dream last night that she puked all over me. My subconscious’ way of reminding me that yeah babies are cute, but sometimes you don’t even shut the oven off.

  • Kevin has NO events this weekend – I repeat: No. Events. So call him, maybe.

Creative learned how to use the phone, kind of:


  • New Daily’s pouches arrived, be sure to read the copy, all of it.

Kath’s kids (Juju & Gab) were in a spot for the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. I’ve never been more jealous. 

  • Brad made a bad joke:

  • # of sick people: 2-8… actually have no idea.
  • # of snow days: 1
  • Days I showered: 3
  • The Olympics are starting and no one cares.
  • Oh, that song from that wicked sad and weepy Chevy commercial during the Superbowl? Don’t Leave, by Ane Brun. Everyone should cry at least 3 times a day soo, you’re welcome.
  • Our sweet Snowflake. Kristel’s favorite boy has been a sick little nugget and we are all hoping he makes a speedy recovery. 

 Ollie is currently at the vet with Peter, so well wishes to our golden pal as well. 


Geek of the Week: 

Lia aka Tippy

What have you been working on this week?

Assets for the newly redesigned Rinck site

High point of the week?


Low point of the week?

Almost catching the bug spreading throughout the office

Song on repeat?

Bastille – Bad Blood

Favorite Olympic ice dancing pair?

Tonya Harding and Brian Boytano?

What do you want for lunch?

A sandwich from the Backdoor Deli in Park City


In other news, the monarchs are all dying and kale is bad for you, so I don’t really know anymore.

BUT: I did successfully guilt my dad into bringing me a sandwich. Em: 1, Thom: 0

Important life lessons, guys. 

Thom Page

P.S. it’s still cold af. xo BYE!