14 Nov 2014

Front Page News 11-14-2014

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Front Page News

It’s been a minute since Rinck has had an edition of “Front Page News” so lets play catch up shall we? 

First of all, my name is Jillian. Official title: Intern Extraordinaire. I write things, play with puppies, and taste-test whatever donut comes through the office.  It’s a tough job, but I’m happy to do it. 

Most recently at Rinck (in the few months I’ve been here, at least) there have been pitches and printer meltdowns. Both of which have been a BLAST for everyone. Honestly, I’m surprised no one has blown up the printer yet. 

<<<Fast Forward>>>

This past week the plague has infected the office! Ok. Not a real plague. But everyone has been wicked sick. 

  • Number of tissue boxes used: 28 (give or take). 
  • Number of people out Monday with sickness: 6 ½ 
  • Number of Clorox wipes used: Zero. (We should really buy some of those.)

We even had Kathleen’s little sweetie come spend a sick day at the office. Peter kept her working hard though #nodaysoff 

Speaking of sickness, a lot of us have been dealing with Taylor Swift on-set Vertigo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAhAz7JU0dg). Her new album came out not too long ago and the whole office is having trouble shaking it off…ha. Get it?  

Don’t fret Jake; I’m still working on getting some similar outfits. If you haven’t seen the 80’s aerobic video with “Shake It Off”  yet, go do it – now http://bit.ly/1r4P8fA. It will make your day better. And while you’re at it, watching the Laughing Owl, too http://bit.ly/1yeuZra. 

So, my desk is in the front lobby. I witness a lot sitting up here. For example Nikki drinks mass amounts of decaf coffee. Kevin tells me to “calm down” every time he walks by. And whenever I have to sign for a package I know it’s going to Jake. Seriously. He got like 8 packages this week. But the most entertaining thing that has been floating around the front lobby recently is an owl (who does not laugh). I don’t know where he came from or what his purpose is, but people keep moving him to random places in the office. You never know where you’re going to find Mr. Hoots (not actually his name). Current location: hanging in the storage closet next to me.

Nikki and Kevin entered a contest a couple weeks ago called “Stand Up Pioneers” and they both won! They were able to choose a new desk that allows them to stand while they work! This is exciting stuff kids. Ergonomics is no joke. Know what else isn’t a joke? Cheating. (I’m looking at you Kevin)

Here is Nikki standing with her new desk and some quality pictures of Nikki, Wild Dog of the North. 

Weather note: It was a winter wonderland this morning! But it all melted by lunch. Thanks Maine. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!