20 Aug 2015

Dynamic Integration™: Strategy

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For each campaign we develop, Rinck utilizes a Dynamically Integrated™ media and messaging strategy using Owned, Earned and Paid properties to affect behavioral change in consumers. Though each campaign is customized to the client’s needs, we follow the same four media strategy steps: Intercept, Inform, Reinforce and Engage.

Rinck Advertising: Dynamic Integration Strategy

These steps allow for us to most effectively deliver the brand message to the targeted audience. So what exactly are each of the steps and how do we accomplish them?

The first step is to intercept consumers where and when they are consuming media, whether it is when they are researching a topic on Google, watching a how-to YouTube video or just visiting their favorite website.

Rinck develops media and messaging that will grab the attention of the target audience, causing them to pause and click. Choosing the right placement for an ad will provide access to those consumers most likely influenced by campaign messaging.

We are able to intercept the most valuable users through several different targeting strategies including: demographic, geographic, and behavioral.

By intercepting a strong target audience, we are able to inform the most engaged users.

Once a consumer’s attention has been gained, there is now an opportunity to serve information to the target audience in easily consumable, interactive formats. Encouraging engagement and retention by utilizing different ad types: a television commercial, social media post, interactive rich media ad, or other mediums.

Reinforcing campaign message across different platforms will continue to drive traffic to that Owned media platform, like a brand website.

We also utilize Retargeting as a targeting method, which allows us to reinforce messaging and sustain the brand in a user’s mind. Retargeted consumers are extremely valuable because they have already shown interest and are familiar with the brand, resulting in increased conversions and high click through rates!

Utilize media platforms to build relationships and have continued communication with target audience. Once the consumer is engaged, particularly on the website or through social media, your brand message will resonate much more with them.

To guarantee the greatest success for all campaigns, the media team frequently measures multiple campaign engagement metrics to ensure clients receive the highest ROI. This monitoring also leads to optimization opportunities, allowing the team to improve engagement and retention for Paid, Earned and Owned media sources.

So what exactly does this approach look like? In a recent campaign for one of our CPG clients we were tasked with increasing sales of one their most nutritious focused products in January, when people are more inclined to make healthier choices.

To INTERCEPT consumers we reached them on platforms where they would be most receptive to the health message. These platforms included sponsored and native content on health and fitness focused sites, as well as blogs vetted through our BlogBeat program. We also worked to reach consumers most likely to respond to the message through search terms related to the products’ health benefits; also behavior and contextually targeted social media campaigns.

We used social media posts, third party endorsement on blogs, sponsored/native content and dynamic landing pages to INFORM the consumer.

We were able to REINFORCE the messaging by retargeting consumers who had visited the brand website or social media pages, with a focus on consumers who did not yet like the page. As well as continual newsletter drops to loyal brand consumers who had signed up for the newsletter via the campaign.

We were able to ENGAGE the consumers on site with desired actionable conversions, including a sweepstakes and coupon offer. We also engaged users off brand platforms with content and giveaways promoted on blogger platforms, as well as Facebook promoted posts.

So how did the strategy work?

  • 90% increase in website traffic year over year
  • 79% action rate onsite, including nearly a half million sweepstakes entries
  • 150+ third-party endorsements via blog posts
  • 3.4 million organic impressions
  • Nearly 20,000 social media engagements

Want to find out how we would apply our four-point strategy to your brand goals? Contact Rinck Advertising today!