17 Jan 2014

Don’t Lose Touch: The Human-to-Human Factor

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With the ever-changing landscape of marketing, the insurgence of technology and social media, it is easy to lose site of that one-one one interaction with consumers.  I’m not taking about having two-way conversations on social media, but actually going to the consumer, having a one-on-one conversation, sharing stories and building relationships.

One thing that all brands should remember, the human touch, that one-on-one interaction, is still one of the most powerful methods to reach your consumer.

We can easily get caught up in socializing, gamifying and creating virtual realities for everything we do.  Here are some ways to ensure that your marketing initiatives always have that Human-to-Human Factor

  1. Take Time to Get Out: you may not have a multi-million dollar budget to do an experiential tour and go across the country, but there are little things you can do, with a small budget resulting in a big impact.  Go out to relevant community events.  Localized community events have a relatively small event fee (if any at all) and you can scale down to a small pop-up tent and recruit some great ambassadors.  Having those one-on-one conversations are key. Consumers see you out in the community and have the opportunity to try your products/services; it really goes a long way in building relationships and brand awareness.
  2. Invest in Good Brand Ambassadors: you need people to represent your brand who love your product, actually use your product.  It is important that when you are having conversations you are doing so in a genuine and authentic way. 
  3. Try Before You Buy: sampling can sometimes be costly, depending on the brand, however, it’s a highly effective way to gain a consumer's trust, get their attention and give you an undivided audience to share your brand benefits. Getting out there and sharing your brand via samples is a great way to engage and foster that one-on-one relationship.
  4. Listen and Respond to your Consumers: as a consumer, there is probably nothing more frustrating as expressing a concern or issue and getting no response, or an “automated” response.  From my experience, brands that are genuine with addressing those concerns, responsive and timely in responses not only gain trust, but also potentially don’t lose a consumer over an issue that might just need a little human interaction to solve.