03 Apr 2017

Culinary Lab Report - Colman's Mustard

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Rinck Advertising Culinary Lab Report

There are many benefits to working with CPG clients; getting a paycheck for creating drool-worthy food photography with clients’ products is one of them. We’re so excited to have a working kitchen at our new Rinck Headquarters, that we decided to test drive some delicious fan-made recipes for our client, Colman’s Mustard, to be added to the website and to share on social. Luckily for us, Colman’s is the real deal. We had so much fun #hotmessingaround in the kitchen with Colman’s.

Client Profile: Colman’s English Mustard

Differentiator: This stuff is HOT

Problem: Someone asked us, “What can’t you Colman’s?” – and we don’t like unanswered questions, so off we went.

Hypothesis: Basically, everything we mix with Colman’s Mustard should by default, be super-HOT and tasty, right?

 - Colman’s Varieties: Dry Mustard, Squeezy Mustard, and Prepared Mustard
 - An experimental attitude
 - Your favorite foods
 - And a fire extinguisher

Safety Information:
 - Refrigeration of Squeezy and Prepared is required after opening
 - Keep that fire extinguisher close!

In a typical lab report, you would read some instructions detailing the controls, and dependent variables but to be honest we had little to no order in our “culinary lab” and the results were just as YUM.

We put to test the recipes sent in by our dedicated fans, including;

Hot Pastrami Onion Rings with Halftime Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (Yeah, that was just as good as it sounds)

Maine Advertising - Culinary Lab

Spicy Sushi Bowl with Asian Mustard Sauce (BOOM)

Culinary Lab - Maine Agency

Don’t forget about Colman’s Chicken and Waffles with Maple Salted Caramel Syrup, which took our top prize in the Touch Down Mess Around Recipe Contest!

Rinck Culinary Lab Report

Sticky fingers, full bellies, and lots of napkins. Oh, and a bunch of recipes to share with all of you! Stay tuned to Colman’s USA on Facebook as we dish out even more heat!

Prepared or Dry, Colman’s Original English Mustard packs the punch. It’s easy to use, and still stains clothing like regular mustard (worth it). We wish mustard stains were in right now, but we’ll leave that to the memes. #ColmansMakesItHot

Colman's Mustard is in the Rinck Culinary LabFoodstagram - Maine Advertising Agency

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