21 Mar 2017

Crab Pickin’, Boh Drinkin’, Maryland Lovin’ Rinck Addition

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Kristan Vermeulen

When I was a little girl I loved to look over the pilings on the dock in Annapolis to see if a crab would be hanging off the barnacles. It was a good day for crabbing if you were lucky enough to spot and net one. When I stumbled upon Rinck and noticed they were hiring in the Annapolis area, I knew this was the biggest crab I had to catch off a piling.

Maryland Office - Rinck Advertising

As soon as I went in for my interview, I knew I wanted to be a part of their what’s going to happen next vision. As many of you know the Maryland/DC area is the hub of government installations and I had worked in one of these installations as a civilian and contractor for over four years. Working in that environment was difficult as it was not the same as the commercial world. As I was searching for new job opportunities in the commercial world and attending interviews, it was hard to get a good hook. When I had my first Rinck interview, Tony and Sarah Bird were attentive and seemed interested in learning more about my unique background. It was the first time I thought I had a potential catch. Rinck Advertising is the right fit for me as they are open to bringing on individuals with diverse backgrounds and they treat their employees like family.

I’m excited to take on the Content Producer role at Rinck Advertising and supporting various clients such as, Pears, TONI&GUY and FoodScience Corporation. I am ready to show my new family the Maryland way of doing things like how to pick crabs the right way, drink a Natty Bo in a nice cold glass with Old Bay on the rim, give them a little Bawlmer Hon and help grow our brand in the Maryland/DC area.