12 Mar 2014

Consumer-centric Brands: It’s not about you on social media… until you make it about them

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Guess what people love? Deals. Free stuff. Surprises.

Guess what brands like? Sales. The average Facebook fan is worth $174 to your brand. Give them a kick-back every now and then to show them you care.


People love coupons. Brands love sales. Help them help you. Coupons shorten the path to purchase for a consumer that’s on the fence. Likewise, they reward loyal consumers for their continued support. Win, win… right? Yes.

Coupons shared with your social audience make your fans feel appreciated and grateful fans are the best kind. Grateful fans want to tell their friends how nice you are, you don’t even have to ask them. They just do it. Then their friends become fans. And they feel appreciated… you get the picture.

Coupons can also be used as part of a fan acquisition strategy to increase your Facebook presence. Couple an attractive coupon offer with a highly targeted social advertising campaign, lock it up behind a fan-gate and watch your audience increase over night.

Free stuff.

If you have ever played the lottery because the jackpot was really big or entered a sweepstakes just in case, then you know what I’m talking about. All of us secretly want to be the person on the radio who “never wins anything” and is now headed to the Super Bowl. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t even need to be the Super Bowl. You’d be surprised what people will do for a coupon (see above ^^ people LOVE coupons) or a bobblehead (trust me, people are cray for kitsch).

Brands tend to think that consumer promotions are just a way to attract fair-weather fans looking for a freebie. That may happen. However, you may just turn that person who’s only “in-it-to-win-it”… into your biggest fan, their activity might attract new fans from their friends and your awesome content might encourage this person to seek out your brand the next time they are in the path to purchase. Not a horrible scenario.

Consumer promotions have the potential to build brand loyalty with existing fans and the power to make your brand relevant to those who are unfamiliar with your products. It helps draw attention to your brand within a crowded platform where everyone wants to be the most “liked." Make the offer enticing, invite fans back to enter daily, give away more than one prize and promote your messaging through advertising and word of mouth channels. Give people a chance to win and then make them hope they will win. Hope is a powerful thing, use it to your advantage.


When was last time your brand gave something away because it was a Tuesday?

96% of your Facebook fan base never returns to your brand Timeline once they like you initially. Give them a reason to return on a regular basis and look for your updates in their news feed.

Surprise and delight campaigns are an effective, low-cost way to gain engagement and stay top of mind with fans on social media. Ask consumers to share a memory to receive a free product coupon or invite them to post a picture in return for a chance at winning a gift card. You could even give away branded merchandise. You won’t believe what your consumers will give back to you.