22 Mar 2016

Conservation & Celebration

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We can’t ignore the obvious anymore. It is a fact that our world’s bodies of water are shrinking in some areas and viciously rising in others. Here at Rinck, we love our water. We love the Androscoggin flowing outside of our office windows and the water in our drinking cups. Some of us live on the water, while others wait for it to freeze over to join in on the fun. Whichever the situation, we all know the importance of holding onto this precious resource. Through daily and long-term changes in our lifestyle we can put our best bucket forward in conservation. Celebrate the life we live because of water and help us spread the message.


  • Behind the porcelain: Fixing a running toilet is easy. Parts are simple to install and most times, only need an adjustment to existing mechanism is needed. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons a day. – Peter Rinck
  • We built it better: By installing duel flush toilets at our house to conserve water. From the moment Cade was potty trained, he knew how to use one. – Heather Beaulieu
  • On our desks: Many of us enjoy live plants that are watered with often times recycled plant water. Labeled jugs separate the recycled water from the rest. – Taylor Belanger
  • In the garden: A heavy layer of mulch can hold a lot of water through dry periods. – Lauren Mavian


  • We explore: My favorite thing about water is how much we don’t know about it or the lives it currently holds. The uncharted sea floors leave me with an endless spark of curiosity and passion. – Taylor Belanger

Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
Taylor off the shores of Catalina Island, California
  • When friends and family gather: Popham Beach holds a treasured residence for Jillian Bolduc. Tradition leads this group of family and friends to come together in a house, with a deep love for the ocean.
    Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
    Jillian and Sam beachside Popham, Maine
  • To feel inspired: With views of the North and South Bubble Mountains at Jordan Pond in Acadia, Kristy Phinney can take it all in over the best popovers and jam with the rising sun.
    Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
    Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine
  • To celebrate the little things: Nikki finds fun watching the kids running and jumping through a sprinkler on the lawn. Despite the umbrella, the ensuing smiles speak of the whole story.
    Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
    Home in Windham, Maine
  • To ground us: When I saw the crystal clear glacial waters in Alaska I was stunned. I dipped my hands, the water was ice cold. I looked up, to my surprise a school of salmon were swimming about an inch away. In the distance was a glacier. I had to pinch myself, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All in the same second I realized how diverse our world is and decided I needed to see it all. – Hannah Rheaume
    Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
    Hannah in the Chugach National Forest, Girdwood, Alaska
  • Here or there: Whether it’s watching the sunset over the river from my front porch, spending time at our camp on the lake, or taking road trips to the ocean, water is a part of every one of my happy places. This photo was taken just last week at JB’s Fish Camp overlooking the Indian River in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I love that my kids have taken on the same appreciation for water! It brings us all such peace.  – Katie Greenlaw
    Rinck Advertising - Water Day - Maine Agency
    Indian River, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Share your own photo and reason using www.waterday.org‘s online photo generator. You can then donate directly to the efforts made by Water.org in their mission to provide sanitation solutions to suffering corners of our world. To date, Water.org has provided access to safe water and sanitation to more than 3 million people.