06 Oct 2015

#SoExcited - Instagram Advertising

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Today is like Christmas for this digital media planner! Instagram has finally opened up their advertising platform, making it more accessible to advertisers like Rinck Advertising by integrating placements in the Facebook Power Editor tool. They actually began the roll out on October 1st, but because they didn’t want to crash their server the roll out has been slow. We know this because I have been harassing Facebook on the daily, trying to find out when we would have access.

23 Apr 2015

Facebook has Done it Again: New Newsfeed Updates

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Facebook just loves to keep us on our toes and their most recent announcement is not an exception. In a blog post released yesterday, Facebook detailed several changes to their Newsfeed feature that will ultimately affect visibility for Business Pages. Although these updates may seem scary, they actually do have some pros and cons for pages. Here is what you can expect from the new Newsfeed:
15 Dec 2014

Retargeting- Not as Creepy as You Think

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I always enjoy explaining retargeting to a person who is unfamiliar with the term. Usually, as soon as I begin explaining it a light bulb goes off and they realize that they have experienced retargeting. My favorite response was from my mother when I explained to her how retargeting works- “So Talbots doesn’t just serve me ads because they think I look good in their clothes?”

05 Dec 2014

Analytical Success! Measure Your Media

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Many brands are beginning to see the benefits of digital media strategy, investing more and more dollars into online advertisement. One of the biggest benefits? Tracking and extensive analysis capabilities.

While us media nerds get giddy at the thought of building a campaign performance report, analyzing the effectiveness of an advertising buy isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. So how are you, the client, able to determine if your latest digital campaign was truly a success without falling victim to analysis paralysis?

17 Sep 2014

Apple Watch

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We have learned Apple’s latest “reveal.” Larger iPhones, the Apple Watch and the iWallet. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but when Apple rolls, they tend to bring the industry forward. And while the Apple Watch is on my want list, iWallet is going to really shake things up in unexpected ways.
10 Jun 2014

What makes for an effective Enewsletter?

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Know your audience. What is the best day and time to receive email? What topics should be covered? What tone should be used? It’s important to recognize these most basic aspects of content delivery. Your Enewsletter represents your brand in a unique way. You have the opportunity to drive fresh, informative data directly to your consumer or brand patron on a regular basis. So make that content worth the click.

24 Apr 2014

Rinck Advertising Receives Two Broderson Awards for Daily’s Cocktails Website and Advertising Campaign

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Auburn, ME (November 20) – Rinck Advertising, an award-winning advertising agency in Auburn, Maine, took home two Broderson Awards at the annual Ad Club of Maine event held this month.
14 Mar 2014

Social Proof and why it’s just like high school for brands.

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Social Proof is a really fun buzzword, but what it stands for is your brand’s social street cred. It’s the equivalent of being the new kid at school and getting the popular kid to sign your yearbook. When other people find out, everyone is going to want to tell you to have a nice summer. Social Proof removes fear for consumers by showcasing a friend’s endorsement or activity and shortens the path for acquiring a new fan for brands.
13 Mar 2014

The Correct Path Is The Direct Path

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We always pride ourselves at Rinck for not coming in with any preconceived notions of how a client should spend their money. Some agencies love TV, some love direct mail, some love digital—at Rinck, these are all just tools in our toolbox. We love them all! That is what being a full-service agency is all about.
12 Mar 2014

Consumer-centric Brands: It’s not about you on social media… until you make it about them

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Guess what people love? Deals. Free stuff. Surprises. Guess what brands like? Sales. The average Facebook fan is worth $174 to your brand. Give them a kick-back every now and then to show them you care.
26 Feb 2014

It’s All About the Mix (Menu)

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Media planning and buying is very much like menu planning and ingredient purchasing. Recipe options are countless, as are media campaign mixes. However there are no recipes that include only one ingredient, and there are no clients who should rely on any one type of media vehicle. It is all about the mix.
21 Feb 2014

She Said, She Said

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I have a confession to make: I am one of the least fashion-conscious people you will find working in the PR industry. PR pros are generally stereotyped as being uber-trendy. If you looked at my Pinterest boards, you might think I fell into this stereotype, but unfortunately, my closet looks nothing like my Pinterest board.