02 Nov 2017

7 job titles that didn't exist before millennials

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Advertising and marketing agency job titles used to be a lot more concise and straightforward. A marketing assistant was someone who had a supporting role on marketing projects. Didn't matter what type of project it was. If the marketing director needed help, the assistant got pulled in.

20 Sep 2017

Account Diaries: Onboarding

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Your phone buzzes and before you can digest what that means your thumb has already swiped right and your eyes are gazing at the screen. Weeks have passed leading up to this moment. Countless hours dedicated just to get here—you got the date! This was not just a tinder, swipe right - swipe left scenario, no this is the big leagues. You put pen to paper – well fingers to keyboard, but you get it. You took a look under the hood at what differentiates you, your principles, and where you stand.

13 Sep 2017

Let Your Hair Down

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I usually don’t have a problem getting up early. But if there is bacon involved, it’s easier. When the most recent Social Media Breakfast email invite came in, I got a little excited. They were going to be covering best practices for Facebook LIVE and Instagram Stories: two newer ways of sharing content on social media that can be a little intimidating at first attempt. I know I know – there are SO many ways to deliver the message already.

27 Jun 2017

Welcoming Gen Z to the Workplace

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Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation entering the workplace this year that is grabbing the attention of Human Resource Directors and C-Suite executives, just when they finally figured you out.

2017 marks the first year that the Generation Z cohort is hitting the job market, leaving business executives scratching their heads about how to attract the post-Millennial generation. Welcoming Gen Z-ers is happening at the same time the workforce is saying goodbye to approximately 3.6 million Baby Boomers.

26 Apr 2017

Unicorns & Mermaids & Rainbows, Oh My!

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One of the benefits of the Rinck Test Kitchen is being able to experiment with our clients. As a part of the Rinck Content Studio, we can explore everything our clients have to offer, and provide insights into consumer needs and unique product benefits. We’re lucky enough to have amazing CPG clients who encourage experimentation and innovation, which is a good thing considering that’s kind of what we do here at Rinck.

21 Mar 2017

Crab Pickin’, Boh Drinkin’, Maryland Lovin’ Rinck Addition

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Kristan Vermeulen

When I was a little girl I loved to look over the pilings on the dock in Annapolis to see if a crab would be hanging off the barnacles. It was a good day for crabbing if you were lucky enough to spot and net one. When I stumbled upon Rinck and noticed they were hiring in the Annapolis area, I knew this was the biggest crab I had to catch off a piling.

21 Feb 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2016

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2016, what a year. We’re well over a month in and there’s still no shortage of “me vs. 2016” memes in our newsfeeds. Although we’re embracing 2017 with open arms, we can’t help but stop and think about all of the great things that happened in the last year, especially in advertising.
06 Oct 2016

Things Are Becoming Official – Rinck Advertising is a Google Partner

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Our love for all things Google has never been a secret. Some of us (ahem, me) would even identify as a full-fledged fangirl. We start new client relationships with a conversation about Google Analytics. Media plans often include Google Adwords and YouTube proposals. We are certified DoubleClick users.
13 Sep 2016


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Agency-client breakups sometimes cause heartache. Other times, though, they spark a final bit of inspiration that leads to an all-hands, Johnny Cash-fueled music video shoot inside an 1850s textile mill.

13 Jan 2016

Dough Dreamin'

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Alright, so we have an agency full of dreamers. During our day job, some of us work in the creative department, and some build websites and others plan budgets. But every single one of us dream big, especially when it comes to a monetary value of such life changing proportions.
19 Nov 2015

Get to Know Our Rincksters Based on Our “Most Used FB Words”

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Every day it seems there is a new BuzzFeed quiz or Facebook app that aims to sum up who you are in a singular image or item. Recent quizzes include “Which Extinct Animal Are You?”, or “We Know Which Thanksgiving Side You are Based on Your Zodiac Sign” (yes, for real….I’m cranberry sauce, for the record). There have also been the “Who is Your Evil Twin?” and “Who is Your Soulmate?” apps. Typically, I try to avoid the click bait and ignore these when scrolling through my feed. I don’t always win, though. The latest one “What are Your Most-Used FB Words?” got the best of my curiosity. I just had to try it!
14 Oct 2015

Rinck Hires Original Mad Man as Chief Inspiration Officer

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AUBURN, Maine – Lawrence Rinck, age 94, has joined the team at Rinck Advertising, a full-service advertising, media and public relations agency located in Auburn, Maine and Annapolis, Maryland. Rinck serves in a key role as the agency’s Inspiration Officer where his passion for the advertising industry comes to life each and every day.
03 Aug 2015

Intern Interrogation

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Agency | Maine

This summer we had 3 stellar interns join us, and a puppy...we we're kinda obsessed with all of them. They have been research wizards, efficient and eager to tackle whatever we throw their way...which is sometimes tedious (think: content upload and mailings) and at other times wildly fun (think: go take pictures of Happy Meals and then eat them!), because that's just how advertising works. 

21 Aug 2014

Rinck Adds Nikki Jarvais as Account Planner

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Auburn, Maine (August 21, 2014) – Nikki Jarvais of Windham, Maine, has joined the talented staff at Rinck Advertising, a full-service marketing, promotions and public relations agency located in Auburn, Maine. Jarvais will serve as Account Planner for the agency, handling a variety of client accounts including the University of Southern Maine, The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing, The Dempsey Challenge, United States Power Squadron and American Glass Research, among others.
24 Apr 2014

Rinck Advertising Receives Two Broderson Awards for Daily’s Cocktails Website and Advertising Campaign

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Auburn, ME (November 20) – Rinck Advertising, an award-winning advertising agency in Auburn, Maine, took home two Broderson Awards at the annual Ad Club of Maine event held this month.
20 Mar 2014

Rinck Advertising Receives Honorable Mention for Social Media Campaign Success

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Auburn, ME (March 20, 2014) – Rinck Advertising, an award-winning advertising agency in Auburn, Maine received recognition from PR Daily’s Social Media Awards for their work on the "Red Carpet Ready" BlogBeat™Digital Word-of Mouth campaign for client, Daily’s Cocktails.
13 Mar 2014

The Correct Path Is The Direct Path

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We always pride ourselves at Rinck for not coming in with any preconceived notions of how a client should spend their money. Some agencies love TV, some love direct mail, some love digital—at Rinck, these are all just tools in our toolbox. We love them all! That is what being a full-service agency is all about.
28 Oct 2013

Rinck Advertising Adds to Growing List of Accolades with Announcement of W3, Davey and Golden Arrow Awards

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Auburn, ME (October 28, 2013) – Rinck Advertising, an award-winning advertising agency in Auburn, Maine, has earned more accolades for recent work in the form of several international and regional awards, including three W3 Awards, three Davey Awards and a Maine Public Relations Council Golden Arrow award.